New tool visualizes PageRank – very smart !

Tool renders web pages with PageRank information.

If you are into search engine optimization, this tool may be of interest.

Google does, as many of our readers know, use PageRank as part of their ranking formula. Although it is not as important as many believe, it is nevertheless a measure of a web page’s popularity, and gives a certain indication on how “important” Google considers a page to be.

The regular way to get access to PR data is to install the Google toolbar.

iWebTool has now developed an online PageRank viewer that adds PR-bars to all links on a particular web page. External links are marked with EX, and links with a nofollow tag with a red X.

Click here to see how the the tools works (preview).

iWebTools also has other online tools for webmasters, including a
All-in-One Lookup we found useful (although the system does not, for some reason, register our listings in Yahoo!).

The search engine position checker looks useful as it helps you pinpoint your ranking for specific queries. For some reason iWebTools’ Google results are not equal to ours. This could be caused by current changes in the search engine algorithm.








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