Google Sitemap

Google promotes their Sitemap function. In brief, Google sitemap lets Google crawl peoples sites easier, at least so they say 🙂 Who know what functions or intentions they may also have. It’s not that they don’t have any ambitions at Google.

“We launched Google Sitemaps this past summer as a way for webmasters to give us information we could use to better crawl their sites. Since then, we’ve been adding to the kinds of information we give back. In our latest release, we provide even more interesting statistics that webmasters can use to improve the way their pages work with web crawlers, which will ultimately benefit their visitors.

I think the most fun are the new “query stats” — they show top Google search queries that return pages from a site, as well as the top search queries that led users to click on a site. We’ve also enhanced the crawl errors we show, like specific HTTP errors Google runs into when crawling a page.

If you’re a webmaster and you haven’t used the Sitemaps program yet, you can now create a Sitemaps account and add a site to it even before you create a Sitemap. Once you verify ownership of the site, we’ll show you all of these statistics and error details. You can always add a Sitemap later. Read more on the Sitemaps blog or just log in to get going.” Visit Google Sitemap






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