Google Pagerank – a need to know in SEO

Want more traffic, want popularity ? Increase your Google Pagerank, and your on that path. Google pagerank is a way to rank pages in order to place them first or last in Googles searchresults. Most websites want to be found first. But getting a first place is hard.

Pagerank is primarily defined by how many relevant links from greater websites you have to your website. The more links from highly rates websites to yours, the higher pagerank. You should get out there and ask for the nice websites to link to you, or even better, and more seriously, you should write great content, and the links will come themselves. Read Google’s ultrashort description of pagerank, or search Google on pagerank, there are tons of relevant pages and great tools and tricks to improve your pagerank.

Example of a pagerank. 10 is max, 5 is fine, 8 is great, 10 is close to impossible 🙂

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