As predicted, Google analytics got run over by a freight train. The interest in this service was so great that thousands still can’t get their analytics to work.

“Waiting for data:
Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now. The demand for Google Analytics surpassed even our highest expectations and as a result some customers may temporarily experience report-update delays. All data continues to be collected and no data has been lost. We are currently adding resources to ensure high-quality service. We apologize for any inconvenience. ”

I’m surprised that a company like Google can get caught by surprise like that. They should be geared to handle a load this heavy ? Let’s see how lon it takes for them to get back online. I predict at least a week or two. …

It appears they were faster than suspected. My account finally started working – only a week and a half after implementing. Nice.

Google analytics !!

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  1. Finally, Google analytics is delievering results that are usable. Looking forward to testing the services when I get a bit of time. Anyone made any relevant reports ?

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