Google analytics not working

I’ve tried the Google analytics, implemented the code, and got nothing – yet. That is, Google Analytics is not working currently, and I did a little research to see how many got the same error:

Stop Google Analytics- Full stop“Your first reports will be ready within twelve hours.” When I did a search on this frase, combined with “Google analytics”, 99percent of the 475 results were related to Google Analytics being ou of service. Have a look at my search to see how many have posted on this subejct today.

Perhaps they were taken by surprise on the popularity. I, again, have a fear that they’re releasing too soon.

I’m glad they don’t develope software for the airplane-industry. Beta software in this business would be a short experience.







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    Not only are they not offering memberships, there are huge delays in the reporting as of 2-24-06. So you’re not missing out on much!

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    Hey Ecanned

    Yea, u r right, but hey taking into consideration that they just bought a company and is now offering a great product for free, a little credit should be given 🙂


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    Hi, I love to know if Google have the forums for the google Analytics.

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