– Review of a social monitoring platform

Just had a demo and a thoughough talk with Jan Mortensen from and partner of

He did an inspiring talk on monitoring and the importance of Social Media. As a consultant I discuss this with my customers very often, I advice them, but seldom get to monitoring. This is surely due to the low traffic on some of our customers, being a “small” web environment in Denmark.

Jan did a fast demo of Conversation Minor, the tool from Coverseon. There are many compeeting solutions that can monitor, Radian6 is one, but it was really good to get a local demo, and in Danish.

At my work, we can sell hours on guiding my clients to monitoring and working with social media. I’d be happy to suggest this tool.

social media listening and monitoring

Companies should start monitoring. Huge international companies, should be there allready, most are not, but midt size companies and also smaller companies should get working, now.

So, have a look at one of the tools, i.e.






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