– free phonecalls on your iPhone/iPod

  1. Viber 11 år ago


    This is a representative of Viber Media.
    Thanks so much for your blog and recommendation for our application 🙂

    I’d just like to add that Viber is also coming to other devices (Android, for example), and in addition, within the next week we will release a new Viber version with SMS services!

    Stay tuned!

  2. Jakob Boyer-Dræby 11 år ago

    Ok, so I got a message from, they have a Social Media Manager, monitoring blog posts etc. Nice work.

    Well anyway, when the next version hits the shelves, there is supposed to be a text/sms service in the new app. This is great for me. Then I can easily get in touch with my kid, even when Im at work, and just came home from school.

    Looking forward to checking it out.

    Ittai, it Viber media, can find a way to send both a sms/text message through Viper AND my ordinary carrier, then that would be interesting. Or, somehow integrate those two functions.


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