Too many new G-features, Google sitemap ?

Google Sitemaps Google Sitemap BetaGoogle Sitemap is supposedly meant to improve Googles crawl of your website. However, this feature also has it’s troubles getting started.

Among others, I’ve added this site to the service, but after weeks, still get this message:

Your pages in Google
Data is not available at this time. Please check back later for statistics about your site.”

I am totally impressed with Google, launching tons of new services these days. Microsoft has got to be worried. But… they’ve probably bought a city in India to catch up ith Google. By now, Bill G must have realised that the Internet is here to stay 🙂

So, Google, keep it up, but beware of the Beta-versions. They may fire back in bad reputations, even though Google is loved by the masses. As mentioned before, I’m glad they don’t make the operating systems for the airlines I use.

Happy wednesday.






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