New Google AdSense layouts – interactive banners

I experiment a bit with Google AdSense. Not that it pays in any way at all, but it’s much fun to see what comes up, what Google think my pages are about.

Uninspiring Google ads
However, the Google ads are pretty uninspiring. Perhaps they could make their Sample-section a bit more interesting, perhaps even interactive, i.e. a preview tool from the AdSense pages directly or if we’d really get creative, a recommended implementations tool, that would look at your site and suggest the best bannerplacements from a simple Google query and analysis on the relevant page.

Interactive AdSense banners
How about making Google banners interactive, allow flashbanners, animated banners, banners with sounds, games etc. As I’ve referred to so many times, Google is simplicity made easy. It may work, but I am sure Google could make interactive and more creative banners work in a controlled framework.

I can make the banners look more flashy myself, by wrapping the Google scripts in tables and animating those tables. But, I think that Google should get ahead here, and develop new AdSense banners soon.

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