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Come on Google, start launching alpha versions, and keep the betas to yourself. I’m curious myself, but also a bit irritated by the bugs in your beta-versions. I know that the few people (hundreds, thousands) that use your betas are insignificant compared to the millions that will use your services in the future.

Normally Beta-testers are invited because they can contribute to the development-process. Usually beta-testers are rewarded in some way, some are paid, but most are given special privileges. Googles beta-testers are neither – except they may be able to satisfy their curiosity. A few hours are put into using the Beta-versions, contributions, feedback etc are given by many. But is it really that rewarding, is there any benefit in beta-testing and not waiting for the alpha? I don’t think any of Googles beta-testers, has yet been rewarded. That is, except for the “thank you, your feedback is appreciated” – mails that Google does send.

I’d like to suggest to Google, that you start rewarding beta-testers. Perhaps by scoring the feedback and then awarding point to beta-testers. It shouldn’t be too hard to build a tester-community and reward-system.

Just do it.






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  1. Evan Avatar

    I thnk you my have the wrong idea of what an alpha version is. See below. Hope this helps…

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