Google Search History – Your personalized search statistics

When you start using Googles features as much as I am, you start discovering the benefits across all the Google tools.

Google Search History Calendar View
Search History
One nice feature is the ability to review and search what you have been searching for on Google. When logged in, Google will save your searchresults and can show them to you over time.

Google is working on personalized searches, as well as geographical searches. Your searchpatterns help to present relevant searches in your SERP (search engine result page). You may dislike and have second opinions on the storing/monitoring of your search, but they do monitor and use that information. Soon the issue of privacy and democracy will rise in importance.

Google bookmarks
If you have a personalized Google-page (consider it if you don’t). When you add bookmarks, you can have those bookmarks shown in a dedicated page No obvious links are shown to the Trends, showing your statistics, but you can access them here:

Google Search History
Have a look at my stats here: Google Search History

The calendar gives you the option of selecting and viewing searches on specific dates:
Google Search History Calendar View

You can view:

  • Top searches, Top sites, Top clicks
  • Monthly search activity
  • Daily search activity
  • Hourly search activity
  • New queries similar to your searches

I have my personalized Google homepage, my Gmail, Google analytics Gogle sitemap, Google AdSense, Google groups and some more, and enjoy most of them. Occasionally I tend to bug Google with support-issues and ideas for new features. Wow they must get flooded by users like me 🙂

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