Google personalized homepage – now with API

Google Personalized HomepageI’m really looking forward to seeing the effects of Google latest feature, the ability to add new applications and modules to your homepage. If you’re a developer, you can customize quite a bit. If your an ordinary user, wait and see all the modules that surely will follow soon.

It smells like open source, and I think it’ll be big.

Personally I’ve experienced problems loading the personalized homepage ( It sometimes make my browser freeze for 20 – 30 seconds. I could fear, that the new ability to add modules will make that problem increase.

So Google, please adress this issue, and I’ll be happy. Just do it… for me 🙂

“Supporting RSS and Atom feeds was one step in that direction, and today we’re excited to start supporting richer web apps as well. With the Google Homepage API, developers can now create modules for the personalized homepage. It’s designed to be flexible and easy to use, and you don’t need to download anything to create a module. To get the ball rolling, the team’s created a few modules to add to the directory (” Source: Google.







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