Google New Years additions

No new years additions at google ?

What’s up Google. No new features launched at new years ? I did think that Google was, as everyone else, working hard the last days before christmas, in order to be able to go home and celebrate christmas with familily and friends. The last part of 2005 Google had a busy time announcing new features. it seems that the competition is warming up in Seattle, perhaps this had an influence on Googles leavel of stress.

New years Google tools

I was however hoping for a real new years happening, a launch of a new big time feature. Personally I’d like Google to improve their personalized portal, speed it up and improve options to personalize use-and-feel, design, colors etc. – still keeping it “simple and stupid” (KISS principle).

However busy they are, the founders still have time to fund a Hollywood movie San Francisco Chronicle for an old friend.



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