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Wow, when will Google ever stop. It’s christimas stress now, but they seem in no hurry to get home and selebrate. Or is that exactly what they’re doing, stressing out the last projects before christmas.

The’ve now added the feature of searching for music. And it works for a charm at suggesting and finding the music I searched for. Even very special edition albums.

Again, keeping the GUI to a minimum, the frontpage of Google Musicsearch holds no more than 7 links to other pages, and then the searchfield.

Keep it simple and stupid. I read an article about this gatekeeping of the google pages, keeping the searchpages free of ads, links etc etc. Keep that up, I love the simplicity, and it seems others does too.

The Google music search doesn’t even have adwords or anything in the results. But that’ll come, for sure.

So far the results are divided into Albums, Artists and Songs, what else do we need at first ?

Nice one, once again. Have a look, Google Music Search.

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