GMAIL antivirus

Gmail AntivirusFinally. GMAIL seems to be hitting an alpha version soon. Or, at least, they’ve launched virus scanning. A feature Hotmail has had for years, and a feature that Microsoft is adding to windows, called “Onecare”. Yahoo also has virusscan for their webmail.

This vitusscan opens op for users to receive and email .exe-files. A feature I personally have missed. Now I don’t have to rename, zip and rename special files to be sent via email.

Now, If you receive an infected email, you’ll still be able to read the mail, but in a “safe mode” manner. This way you’ll know who sent what to you, even though it was infected.

  1. Blog Critiquer 17 år ago

    My goodness, is everythingg on this site about google?!

  2. Administrator 17 år ago

    Hey Critiquer

    Not everything. But currently, I read so much stuff about google. Got a subject you think is interesting ?


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