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Gmail AntivirusFinally. GMAIL seems to be hitting an alpha version soon. Or, at least, they’ve launched virus scanning. A feature Hotmail has had for years, and a feature that Microsoft is adding to windows, called “Onecare”. Yahoo also has virusscan for their webmail.

This vitusscan opens op for users to receive and email .exe-files. A feature I personally have missed. Now I don’t have to rename, zip and rename special files to be sent via email.

Now, If you receive an infected email, you’ll still be able to read the mail, but in a “safe mode” manner. This way you’ll know who sent what to you, even though it was infected.






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    My goodness, is everythingg on this site about google?!

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    Hey Critiquer

    Not everything. But currently, I read so much stuff about google. Got a subject you think is interesting ?


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