“Don’t drop while you shop” says Google

Shop till your drop Shopping at Froogle

Googles is in someways taking their turn on maturing the internet, as has Bill Gates done with Personal Computers and accessible software. Latest is Froggles ability to shop locally. Very nice, BUT.

We are so many people, nations that probably, at least I do, feel cheated. Every new development from Google is done focusing on the US market. How is that for an EGO 🙂 Come on, start developing products and launching products on other markets first.

Who says that launching products in the US is the least risky and most successfull ? I’m sure, If Google were to launch new products from India, Russia or .. China, that would make a difference. Who cares how we can shop locally, when locally means around the major US cities ? That’s not really local to me, even though I feel close through the Internet and my US familiy. Yea yea, I know there are a few hundred millions US citizens, but there is close to one billion Indian and one and a hald chinese.

So, Google, get global (in a sence so “lol” to write that), and develope with a different focus next time. I’m looking forward to seeing Froogle get to my capital, Google Maps, show my streets (not as a sattelite image (Google, hint: map24.com should be of your interest)), etc etc…

In my line of study (Msc in Communication, from a National Business School), the saying, think global, act local, is nothing new. It’s not an easy job, but organising your way through, should be doable.

Yours sincerely
Local Googleist, Jakob







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