Watch NBA video on Google Video

Sometimes the Google guys must be having so much fun. With a website like google, most things are possible. All that content, all those features, and surely all that time they spend at work, must end up in some funny features.

I’m sure they made this little feature some day late at work, when they needed a break – or heard from their friend that had been at home watching the games in tv.

They’ve made a special page for Google video, “Watch your favorite NBA games“.

Note the little addiction in the searchfield. More specific options are surely available on Google Video – reveiled over time.

Officially, the “Team:Name_your_NBA_team” search, is no where to see.

Search Google Video by title

“title:Subject” example: “title:adwords

“team:Los_Angeles_Lakers” example: “team:Los_Angeles_Lakers

See if you can make the team-feature work on other teams than NBA, and post em here 🙂

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