How to get TABS on your personalized homepage on Google – tabbing

As written earlier, Google now has TABS on their personalized homepage. Or is it your personalized homepage ?? 🙂

I didn’t understand why the tabs keept disappearing untill I guess on the languagesetting. So how do you get tabs on google homepage? For me it worked, just making sure you’ve set your language to english 🙂 When you live overseas somewhere, outside of the US at least, you get your local google settings thrown in your face. I hate that, let me decide what page and what language I wan’t. I can see how most people will benefit, but it’s just a pain in the neck for me.

Anyway, to keep my subject here, switch away from your national languagesettings, if you’re not born with Google english 😉 And you should start seeing Tabs on your google personalized page. Gee, too long a post for such a little thing.
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