Google Reader Shortcuts – very nice and usefull

Google Shortcuts

I use Google Reader to keep updated on all my subjects, work as private. And with the Shorcuts, that I honestly have to get use to, often mixing with the browser shortcuts, Google Reader is just great.

Google Reader Keyboard shortcuts

Try using Google Reader and pres “Shit + +” (shift and the Plus sign). This will show you the shortcuts yourself. I’ll attach an image to this post.

The chortcurts are:

“Google Reader keyboard shortcuts”

j/k: next/previous item
space: next item or page
+ space: previous item or page
n/p: item scan down/up (list only)
+ n/p: next/previous subscription
+ x: expand folder
+ o: open subscription or folder

g then h: go home
g then a: go to all items
g then s: go to starred items
g then + s: go to shared items
g then u: open subscription selector
g then t: open tag selector
g then + t: open trends page

Acting on items
s: star item
+ s: share item
v: view original
t: tag item
m: mark item as read/unread
o/enter: expand/collapse item (list only)
+ a: mark all as read
e: email item

r: refresh
u: toggle full screen mode
1: switch to expanded view
2: switch to list view






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