my csharp project

I’ve started doing csharp. CSharp (or C#) is a Microsoft developement language, and it’s going to be a part of my job from now on. I’ve enrolled a university course to get to know the basics, and went the first time, happy and unconcerned. How hard can it be 🙂

The teached said it was going to be hard. Now after the first few weeks, I must admit, that I’ve laid a course that is going to take time 🙂 It’s very interesting, but timeconsuming, to a newbie like me. I started out saying that I should pass the final exam, but must admit, that perhaps just following the course will do for starters 😉

Got any great ideas on how reach the goal, let me know. I’ve neglected my websites, including my blog here, for a few months. I’ll try to get back to posting more often. Mostly for my own sake, to keep me focused and committed to reading my daily feeds. Allthough I expect the posts to tak a bit different focus, since SEO will be more a hobbyproject in the future, and developing will take my time from now. Interesting, in the end I’d love to combine the two better. Currently I’ve done my development in PHP and in different CMS’, plugins, content generators etc, to test and learn more about SEO. Funny business, not rocket science, and potentially a way of living if i’d follow that path. Not right now, and if so, only a few hobby projects will be launched.







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  1. Nana Avatar

    Lyder spændende 🙂 Held og lykke 🙂

  2. JHK Avatar

    Perhaps you should listen carefully to the comments and advise of your ever-thoughtful and intelligent colleagues. 😉

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