PunkBuster help – Online Countermeasures help

Banned by PunkBuster ? Would you like to get unbanned, then here are some helping hints, on how to unban from a PunkBuster (PB) Ban or Hardware ban. Even Balance or PB uses your account ID or even a hardware ID from YOUR computer.

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Punkbuster ban unban guid

Your computer may be banned from playing your favourite online game forever. This guide will help you remove your hardware ban or GUID ban. Just make sure you do not cheat afterwards. Read on.

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  1. canucrackit Avatar

    so how do i get unbanned. plz email me!

  2. I Ban you Avatar
    I Ban you

    You don’t because you cheated

  3. Carol Avatar

    I’ve worked in the ganmig industry for 3 years and from my experience with similar anti cheater solutions you probably won’t be able to do anything.They can’t reveal information and they probably don’t have enough ressources to sort out the false positive reports from the real cheaters.I know it’s not fair when you’re part of this minority who got banned for no reason. However that’s the price to pay to get rid of a good chunk of those toxic players who just can’t play within the rules.Believe me when I say that customer support agents don’t like it either, it’s just that they have to apply their policy otherwise their job is at risk.I pretty sure my comment will displease you. I just wanted to give you the other side’s perspective.Truly sorry you got banned. Antoine

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