PunkBuster ban – means all PB-games forever !

Global ban – punkbuster and Battlefield 2

WOW, they meant it. My personal computer will never be able to play any PB-supported games in the future. Great work Even Balance. Future Gamedevelopers beware.

Battlefield 2 - PunkBuster ban - Even BalanceFor some reason I got a hardware ban on Battlefield 2 (BF2). I’m supposedly guilty off preventing the PunkBuster (PB) software from updating itself. How, no idea, but I suspect a firewall has done this. Others are banned for cheats in battlefield 2 or the like.

Evenbalance email and punkbuster

I’ve corresponded with Even Balance, that handles Bans for PunkBuster. They have never answered my question, What software or other reason, has given me the ban. They can only tell me that I’ve violated their EULA (boy do I hate it when that happens).

NOW, it turns out, that since my pc, yes my hardware has been uniquely identified and banned, can not play BF2 due to PunkBuster, my PC can never again play any game that has PunkBuster installed. At least so they say. Have a look at the latest correspondence below.

Every punkbuster game

Banning users on every PB game in the future, for whatever reason they may have, seems pretty drastic to me, or ? If I was a Games developer, I would consider not using PunkBuster. It surely will stop thousands from buying and using their products. That’s just my opinion. My kids won’t be able to buy any PB-supported games. That must have cost them at least the purchase of 10 games, and that’s just for my case. Let’s say one thousand has the same problem, times ten, that adds up to 10.000 games, times an average of 50$, that’s a lost revenue of 500.000 $.

Unbanning, Punkbuster and Evenbalance, don’t care

11/24/2005 14:40:57 – “Wouter Tromp”
Note #6: As these bans are not removed, it will not be possible to join any Punkbuster supported game in the future.

11/22/2005 15:11:50 – “anonymized”
Note #4: A hardware ban involves a ban across all current and future supported Punkbuster games.
11/22/2005 07:39:26 – “anonymized”
Note #3: Does the ban mean that the newest game Special forces is unplayable on my pc ? In other words, can I purchase the new game and play online ?

11/13/2005 05:36:09 – “anonymized”
Note #2: Hi,

This ban is purely the result of running a cheat which violates our EULA. Nothing else. Such bans are not be removed.
11/13/2005 04:44:19 – “anonymized”
Note #1: Ticket submitted to support staff.






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  1. Fellow Games (friend) Avatar

    The most popular games are the games where people can cheat. For some reason people want to cheat, and will do it if they can.

    So, want a popular game, let it be hackable.

    My thoughts.

    Best regards
    Your fellow BF2 gamer

  2. Bunkpuster Avatar

    Better don’t hack their software then. 😉

  3. Administrator Avatar

    If I only knew how to hack, have any experience yourself ? Any idea how to unban ? Believe me, I’ve surfed all hacksites I could find now. Now that I’m banned, I might as well dig into this and see what it’s all about ?


  4. Booty Avatar

    U must realise that you should reconfigure your PC hardware to kill this ban ?


  5. Administrator Avatar

    Maybe, but I have no idea how to do this. Should I change drives, gfx card or ??

  6. noonespecial Avatar

    1) Get a new hardrive or set your current hardrive(s) up in RAID (RAID 0 is best for games) If your motherboard does not support it then get a RAID controller.

    2) Get a new NIC (Ethernet card)…make sure you disable remove any ond cards. And be sure you disable any firewire 1394 ports (will show up under network connections)

    3) If you get a new harddrive and it isn’t set up in RAID don’t use your old one. PB scans every hd you have connected. You can still use them just disconnect them before you play BF2. One option for old HD’s would be to get an external enclosure so it would be easier to plug in.

  7. Administrator Avatar

    Wow, thx, but seems like a big trouble to go through. Is there no easy way ? Heard that changing the MAC-adress could do the job. But have also read many recomendations on the HD drive-part.

    I’ve got an OS with two HD in partitions. Would be extreemly timeconsuming, to clear, backup, format, remove and reinstall new HD’s. Not to mention, a bit expensive, two new HD’s. Could I change partitions. Would that be enough ?

    It seem easier to but a new PC 🙂

    Rgds and thx for your suggestion

  8. Robo Avatar

    Hi Guys,

    I have been playing Call Of Duty for about two years and i got HARDWARE banned. i dont understand this as i dont hack. i have been in contact with Punkbuster and they have shown no interest in me and said i agreed to the EULA. There is no way of getting unbanned easier than you have said? Punkbuster are in the wrong and from the sounds of what you have said you have suffered the same problem. Its totally unsatisfactory and i cant believe that it is legal?


  9. Administrator Avatar

    Hi Rob

    Agree, try http://www.evenbalance.com. PunkBuster seems not to care at all. I’ve given up, I just won’t play any PB games before I get a new pc – and thats not just the next few years.

    You could change HD’s and you MAC adress and get a new serial for the game. But for me, it’s too much trouble.

    So, welcome to the wonderfull world of banning. I hope someone will make an alternative to the ban, i.e. let the banned users pay their way out of the ban, or at least not ban them in evey other PB-supported game. I’m sure there is a major business in that, but hey, I’m not PunkBuster.


    When was your HW ban, lately ?


  10. Robo Avatar

    well i know people that may be able to help me “get around” it. but am not sure yet. one thing you could try is putting in console sv_pb_security 0

    i think that is right, experiment. that does enable you to some servers i think. If i am able to find a way of getting around it i will see if i can help you out too!


  11. Robo Avatar

    sorry didnt mention when my ban was, it was on Sunday Morning. However i was busy on Monday and Tuesday and was unable to do anything instantly. Even Balance was who i have been talking to. and they gave me no reply. When i was kicked i wasnt told why i just got kicked, Punkbuster has made a mistake and they dont care!


  12. Administrator Avatar

    sounds interesting, just add that command in the console, and nothing else ? please let me know if that would work.

    best rgds

  13. Administrator Avatar

    PB doesn’t care at all. I corresponded 10 times or more, they never said anything, except that I violated their polecy. Nice work EB (not)

  14. MikeS Avatar

    I too have had (unrelated) problems with PB, and I boycotted it a year ago.

    How to change your MAC address: http://www.nthelp.com/NT6/change_mac_w2k.htm

    I had a problem with SATARAID and intermittent lockups (so did a thousand others). Evenbalance did an Iraqi Information Minister and said “Lockups? What lockups? There are no lockups.”

  15. benny Avatar

    hey all
    well i got global HARDWARE BAN today, when i try to connect to BF2 server without any reason. same situation as u guys, no information why, just ban.
    im waitin for evenbalance answer, but didnt expect too much…

  16. benny Avatar

    ups it was yesterday 15.12 about 20.00 cet:), i didnt sleep since this shit happend to me;)

  17. Shinanigans Avatar

    I too have just been banned tonight for this bullshit.

    I havent touched my BF2 directory!! I have no hacks installed.

    Ive owned BF2 since the day it was released and recently spent another $40 bucks buying Special Forces.

    I call BULLSHIT to having to change my fucking PC around because their piece of shit program couldnt pick a hacker to save their lives. If it picks me as a hacker on a computer that was formatted last week and just had all drivers installed with the latest and even punk buster updated then that program is fucking useless!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im so agro right now.

    No WAY are these evenbalance faggots going to cost me $150 worth of video games without a fight.

  18. Shinanigans Avatar


    Thats the screenshot by the way… Is it the same error you got?

  19. Administrator Avatar

    Shinanigans; Man, you’re gonna spend time dealing with PB/Even balance. They really don’t give a s…

    I got the same message, apart from the ID in the text.

    It seems the only workaround is hardware change, preferrably RAID setup and a MAC change. Wonder if they’ll ban IPs also. Emagine InternetCafes that have their IPs banned, speaking of lost business then. And offcourse a new serial. Ouch.

    EvenBalance says it’s for all PB-supported games… Haven’t had any problems though, on other PB-supported games just yet. But, they might come.

    Hints and suggestions appreciated on:
    * How to work around the bans
    * How to handle PunkBuster (PB)
    * How to handle Evenbalance (EB)
    * How to make PB and EB eat their own medicine

    Cheers mates

  20. Shinanigans Avatar

    Mate i can understand where you’re coming from but no way in hell am i going to be changing my computer setup because Punkbuster f##ked up.

    How long did it take them to reply to your first support request? Its been about 2 hours now for me…… Getting really agro.

    Whats this EULA thing that people are saying is a legal agreement that allows pb to do this?

    I’ll have my solicitor send these pricks a letter of demand for renewal of service before i go changing my bloody hardware!


    BTW, doesnt Punkbuster = EvenBalance??

  21. Robo Avatar

    yes punkbuster say that the EULA (which you argeed to when you installed the game i think) says that if caught with something which Violates there “rules” it has the ability to do ban your Hardware to prevent it. i have had my Hardware banned for no reason what so ever and yet i have not and will not be unbanned. i will try this at some point. what game were you playing and what is your GUID. i will then be able to tell you when and why you were kicked.

  22. Administrator Avatar

    I’d hate to change my computer, probably won’t either. I guess I’ve just given up the fight againt PB/EB. The response could be a day or two, maybe even more. They close the ticket as soon as they can, which means you have to open new once all the time. The EULA is their legal part, in short, saying don’t exploit the games/systems. The have the right. But normally you have to prove that someone has done a crime/violation. That part they seem to miss.

    Your solicitor probably will need to spend hours, meaning more expensive than just not playing.

    Afterwards I went on a search for what cheats are available for the game. There are, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, tons. Cheats ruins the games. They should focus there, eventhough hitting the users would also scare off people wanting to cheat. A tougher line on cheating might help, but the cheats get better and better. Perhaps PB should just redevelope, and make their detection tools even better.
    PunkBuster is the software, Evenbalance is the inforcer. So they do PB’s dirty work. Glad it’s not me 🙂

    Let’s fight em 😉

  23. Shinanigans Avatar

    Well, they’re going to be fucked high and dry when my hard drive gets scanned for hacks for BF2 and nothing comes up.

    If they plan on brushing me off, they’re going to bite off more then they can chew.

    I’ll gladly send my hard drive off to be torn apart and searched for hacks, they can search high and dry. The only hack i have EVER used was for WOLF ET in which it was never caught by punkbuster (i was never banned by PB or an admin).

    I also have not EVER used or even SEARCHED for bf2 hacks, before or after my recent format.

    So bend over punkbuster, because if you dont plan on letting me back on servers on which i legitimately play, plan on getting reamed.

  24. Administrator Avatar

    I hear ya 🙂 But it seems pretty useless to take on those companies. Unless you go through the media, thy’ll probably go on not caring.

    So I’d suggest to find a great story, write one, let PB/EV have it for review, before sending it to the right gamingmedias. They might just unban you. I know I would. Bad publicity to hit the printed press would be more expensive that unbanning a few users 🙂

    I see a story if you could prove that your HD is clean, by some objective third part, and spin off a story on banning and taking peoples serials and money without any reason, other than a general violation.

    I’d be happy to read a story like that.


  25. Robo Avatar

    I must admit i would love to hear a story like that. would be a cracker! If you do, make sure you post a copy of it¬!

  26. Administrator Avatar

    We could make it right here 😉

  27. benny Avatar

    Shinanigans – i got same error as you, and i still waitin for EB answer…

  28. Administrator Avatar

    Everybody is waiting 🙂 But we’ll grow old before they change anything. So, if we really wan’t change, we have to make it ourselves.


  29. benny Avatar

    omg i still cant belive it, but… they remove my ban 🙂

    ‘Stuart Dunsmore
    Note #3: Try joining a PB server again. This kick is from a bad HW guid. It has been removed. You were NOT caught cheating. Feel free to link this ticket for proof if others want it.’

  30. Shinanigans Avatar

    Benny!! Thats really good news!!

    When did you first enquire about it? I posted mine about 6pm last night and still no response 🙁

  31. Shinanigans Avatar

    By the way, i wasnt aggressive to evenbalance. I’ve just been venting my anger other places….like here! haha

  32. benny Avatar

    Shinanigans on wednesday around 22.00 central european time, so i’ve been waiting around 48 hours for answer, so you should receive your answer really soon. i hope they remove your ban too gl
    btw i wasnt aggresive too;)

  33. Shinanigans Avatar

    hehe thanks for the good luck! 😀

    It’s just a shame that anyone who IS a hacker can get around this stuff. Anyone who ISNT a hacker who gets stung by this bug gets stuck in our situation 🙁

    Anyways, here’s hoping they dont think im a hacker!! 😛


  34. Administrator Avatar

    Were r u both from ? Do you plan clans ?


  35. Shinanigans Avatar

    Im from Sydney Australia. I was in a clan called Full Mental Jacket http://www.clan-fmj.com but it died down for me when i stopped playing BF2. I was back for a few weeks before this crap happened 🙁

    What bout you?

  36. Shinanigans Avatar

    This is fucked……..

    “Note #3: You were logged using a cheat that tried to prevent detection by PB. The method used is considered by us to interfere with the way PB is designed to work, therefore violating our EULA.

    If you were not cheating, then someone was using your computer and was caught.

    Either way, your hardware is now permanently banned from all PB servers. You may still play on non-PB servers as our bans only apply to servers with PunkBuster enabled”


  37. Robo Avatar

    THAT IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS WHAT I GOT!!! what was the number that you were kicked with. post the numbers after you get kicked from a PB server!!

  38. Administrator Avatar

    And the same I got. BTW I’m from Denmark, on the other side of earth 🙂

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  40. Frigidhunter Avatar

    Hey guys i got hardware banned from playing enemy territory too and i Never cheated… There goes my money on BF2

    We should all gang up together and sue EB!!! we can you know cos they take away what is rightfully ours by banning us and making sure we waste our money! CONSP|RACY

  41. Administrator Avatar

    Righty, I suggest a feature: We write a letter to Evenbalance and punkbuster and post this letter here. Then people that have been cheated by PB and had their game/serial taken, can send an email to PB/EB from this site, signing their own names. This would generate a few emails to PB/EB, stating our unhappiness with the way they’re going forward.

    As mentioned earlier, I thought that they had to prove your wrondoings before they could convict you. That’s the way it normally works in legalterms.


  42. Michael Avatar

    I find it very difficult to believe that PB would ban someone’s hardware without cause. PB found something it doesn’t like on your hard drive. It is hard for me to be sympathetic to this kind of stuff because I think cheaters are pretty lame.


    There is no such thing as a “permanent” hardware ban. It is easy to fool Windows into thinking you got a new computer by adding/changing hardware and having to go through activation again (after 5 changes or something like that). A PB ban has to be the same, it is probably a GUID thing which can be changed by altering the hardware configuration.) All the advice here is good but does anyone know exactly how the GUID thing works with PB? I would say moving your PCI cards to different slots would make the hardware different. If this happened to me, I would move my PCI cards to different slots, memory to different slots, maybe even move the DVD ROM/HD if I could. A reinstall of Windows should also help (I do mine every 12 months or so anyway. Change your public IP address too. DSL/PPPoE just disconnect/reconnect. Broadband, change your MAC on your edge device.

    This is probably over kill but notice I didn’t buy anything new here. And get rid of those hacks 🙂

  43. tjindy Avatar

    It is legal that PB save information about your computer via PB?

  44. Administrator Avatar

    Right, they surely finds stuff that makes them ban people. I’m just not too happy about “guilty until you can prove otherwise” – mentality.


  45. Oddysey Avatar

    well it happend to me to guys, was playing ET and pow no more games or future game that i can play anymore.

  46. Frigidhunter Avatar

    hmph i got an eula thing too … sad case

  47. YapYap Avatar

    This really is bullshit, I mean like, they can scout your hardware?!
    If they can find hacks on your hardware, they can find credit card numbers, tons of porn, etc. And what happens when some naughty PB or EB finds them out….
    My friend had this same “Global Punkbuster ban” for cheating, but he didnt have cheats….
    Still looking help for poor fellow…. 😀

  48. Shinanigans Avatar

    Yapyap, yes they can scout your hardware. The “EULA” thing that everyone is talking about is the “fine print” that everyone clicks “i accept” to before they install BF2. Its all in the fine print that no body reads. Get your friend that is banned without hacks to post his email addy up here.

    It may not do anything but then again, it might. My email is nofrills99@hotmail.com and i’d be willing to sign a letter sent off to EB. I’ve got a copy of all the correspondence between EB and myself.

    robo – scroll up and i linked a screenshot of the ban message i got in BF2.

    tjindy – PB doesnt save any info on your computer that im aware of. PB scans your computer and remembers the serial number of your HDD and the MAC addy of your Network Card. These two items have to be changed if you wish to get around the ban.

    Michael – believe what you will….however if i was legitimately caught by punkbuster for using hacks, why the hell would i be wasting my time on this? I’d know i had done wrong and therefore have no energy to fight this! However, that’s not the case, i have been caught for nothing and now have to fork out 100 bucks on a new HDD and NIC so i can play the friggen game that i bought coz of PB’s fuckup! >-(

  49. chaos Avatar

    i have a hardware ban and i dont no why i got one because i dont cheat or i dont have something like that , and i only get the hardware ban on ojne server so can someone plz help me , sorry for my english , i am from holland

  50. a non hacker Avatar
    a non hacker

    You all got guid bans cause you are hackers. Statisticly do you really think everyone on this forum got banned is innocent ,if so I want to talk with you about some swampland in florida. I run a large clan for many years. Ive seen it all and one thing always held strong (people are liars) You dont get banned less you got something you shouldnt have in your system. I hear it all the time. Waaaa waaa Im innocent, usuallly the ones scream loudest are the most guilty.Id like to see just once you pieces of game ruining hacker trash come on a forum and be truthful. Just say you were hacking and got caught and want a work around. Ha, never see that though do we? Your alll innocent gamers being abused. Well in my book 99% of you are low life hacks that got what they deserve. I dont believe your crying whinnning lieing arses for one minute.

  51. tjindy Avatar

    Are you sure? It (PB) can read specific informations from my HDD. Not from system. Firewall should blocked it. But it didn`t.
    Everyone can see yoor IP or MAC adress – because it is nedeed if you want a net… but s/n of my HDD, or mainboard? Hmmm.. INTEL tried to put some special ID number to its PIII… to locate people via network.

    To non hacker…
    Well, i dont say that i`m ionnocent. I`ve got some ET hacks. Why? To see how it works. So, i played few times, and turned it off. But, if i knew that it is illegal ( is it?) to have on my hard disk i would erase it from my hdd. If you got an knife in your kitchen – are you a criminalist? You see, few month ago, many people got hacks, servers were full of people with hacks. Even people from clans. I was really angry. So i download because i was courious how the others can play better than me. I can play very well without these hacks. But i never expected that it could be so dangerous for my and other playin`.Where are admins? They should decided who can play and who cannot. Some time ago i playd at NSS clan server – with cheat. It was an aim bot. Nobody wants to play with me. So i said ok, but you shouldnt play with cheats too. And from these times i turned off any cheats. But i didn`t delete it. So i am guilty. For possesion.
    And why i dont got any warnings? And i still sayin – saving any informations about your computer is illegal. Maybe EU sholud interest it.
    PS.sorry for my english 😉

  52. Sven Avatar

    Well people,

    Punkbuster bans by using a unique PB GUID (which is NOT identical to your player GUID that is used for the “regular” rcon kicks and bans, the latter written to ban.txt on the game server’s HD).
    Still, the PB GUID is derived from your game’s serial number. So you don’t need a new computer, you simply have to buy your game brand new.

    Is anybody here a hacker as non hacker says? Some of the guys, I suppose. Not all. Imagine this: There are key generators for the games. A hacker cheats using a generated key and this key happens to be identical with yours … guess what’ll happen? Or you visit a non-PB server and have a map download or new player skins or a weapon mod ….. and the file called superaccurate_mp44.pk3 happens to be a wall hack. Well you don’t know for as long as U don’t activate it, but it is there and will be recognized by PB. So turn autodownload on only on servers you trust (mainly public clanservers of clans you know take part a lot in clanbase and other league matches).

    So you can receive a PB ban for being a hacker of for being the victim of key gen hackers or bad servers. Still, these people are to blame, not evenbalance. Punkbuster saved great games like CoD from being destroyed by hackers.
    CoD2 doesn’t have PB and now you get shot thru walls, be frustrated by aimbots …. no, punkbuster is a great tool to have and especially now everybody here should be able to have bargains on the games right before christmas. If not, check Ebay.

  53. Shinanigans Avatar

    “You all got guid bans cause you are hackers. Statisticly do you really think everyone on this forum got banned is innocent.”

    Statistically Innocent? Who are you to judge people from a forum you have never met or spoken to before in your life? You come on here with the ever-so suiting name “non hacker” and open your mouth to dribble such bullshit nonsense in which you have no proof or idea what you’re talking about.

    Suggestion: shut the fuck up. Take it or leave it, your decision on the matter doesn’t bother me. Im here to talk about PB stuff ups, not defend myself against mindless keyboard warriors who have nothing better to do then suck up the ass of the world of non-hackers which i so happily am apart of, but dont flaunt it to the point where it makes me look like a hypocritical wanker.

    “I run a large clan for many years. Ive seen it all and one thing always held strong (people are liars) You dont get banned less you got something you shouldnt have in your system.”

    Congrats. Who isnt part of a clan? You think your online status with your gaming buddies makes you an important member of the non hacking world in which to judge others? Get a grip!

    I DID have hacks on my computer before i formatted. As i stated to the helpful fellow at Even Balance, i used ETinvoke to review demos of hackers in Enemy Territory as i was one of the Admins taking care of the 5 Optusnet Servers which were flooded with hackers during the count down to D-day. Being able to see what they saw made it easier for me to justify bans as some people have the ability to really hide the use of hacks very well. I’m assuming this is what Punkbuster picked up on my computer as its the only hack i had on my computer. However, i never used these hacks for my own benefit and never used them in game on a Punkbuster server.

    “Well in my book 99% of you are low life hacks that got what they deserve. I dont believe your crying whinnning lieing arses for one minute.”

    First of all, no one gives a fuck about your book. Secondly its spelt “Whining” and “Lying”, idiot.

  54. Dauntless Avatar

    Well, I just found out yesterday that I was banned from Call of Duty (Global ban) The problem? I havent played, or even had it installed for MONTHS! So how can I have violated their EULA when I wasnt even on CoD? Evenbalance really have screwed up big time. Sure, they catch out alot of cheaters, but in their arrogance, catch out alot of decent honest players too. I had a hack installed on my computer once, but never booted it up whilst in CoD. Its like TJindy said…

    you got an knife in your kitchen – are you a criminalist?


    I’m at wits end here, and am willing to try anything within reason to get my game working again. Its crap being on a server where the REAL cheaters live. Will re-formatting my hard drive work? If not, then I’ll have to spend some money on it, which I’m really ready and willing to do

    And to ‘a non hacker’

    I can understand your distrust in us all, but you seriously needn’t jump to conclusions. Everybody makes mistake….the problem is, evenbalance don’t clean up after theirs…

  55. Maradona Avatar

    Hi guys, i got the same problem for Call Of Duty: United Offensive, I’ve never used or searched for any cheats/hacks and now, suddenly I just get banned. I got the about the same message as the one on the screenshot. Few days ago I played and now I just got banned but I haven’t got a clue what for. Guess I’ll have to contact Even Balance then..



  56. Administrator Avatar

    Hey Maradonna

    Join the club. For some reason apparrently many users are baned without cheating (at least so they say). Forget EvenBalance (EB), they dont care about you. Instead, figure out a way to unban yourself 🙁







  58. YapYap Avatar

    My friend had a trojan on his computer when the ban came.
    Could it have something to do with ban?

  59. Administrator Avatar

    Trojans has been an issue. Once there were Key generators, that only stole IPs not installed them. Was this trojan a key generator ?

  60. PBsu*** Avatar

    hi all ,

    i have changed my hardware and installed windows:

    new board
    new cpu
    new grafikcard

    OLD Hardware :

    2 x 512 mb
    2 x HDD
    dvd rw

    STILL BAN !!! (sory 4 my english—>germany)

  61. WAR Avatar

    Yea i got banned but only a Global GUID bann not a Hardware bann … i took it up with EB and they havnt responded yet//// is there any way of changing my GUID so i can play again ????


  62. PBsu*** Avatar

    hi war , u need a new game

    DONT change your serial manuel , u will get a hardwareban !!!


  63. Administrator Avatar

    PBsu*** U changed all your hardware and still BAN…. Did you get a new serial ???


  64. PBsu*** Avatar

    only cpu , mobo and graka

    i used my old hdds and modem

  65. Shinanigans Avatar

    PBsu*** Says:
    December 29th, 2005 at 22:02

    hi all ,

    i have changed my hardware and installed windows:

    new board
    new cpu
    new grafikcard

    OLD Hardware :

    2 x 512 mb
    2 x HDD
    dvd rw

    STILL BAN !!! (sory 4 my english—>germany)


    The reason you are still banned is because you are using the same HDD. The only hardware you need to change is your HDD and your Network Card. The rest of your PC can stay the same.

    Im in the process of doing the same. Morons at EB wont look into my situation further and dont believe that i wasnt hacking so looks like im going to have to change my HDD and NIC.


  66. PBsu*** Avatar

    Shinanigans Says:

    Im in the process of doing the same. Morons at EB wont look into my situation further and dont believe that i wasnt hacking so looks like im going to have to change my HDD and NIC.

    …..or u try to put your hdd to “RAID 0” in BIOS.


  67. Shinanigans Avatar

    Changed my hard drive and my MAC addy and im back playing ET with no problems. I havent tried BF2 yet because i *think* my CD key will be banned and if i try and use it then ill get this HW ban all over again, so im taking my time with BF2.

  68. Administrator Avatar

    hi shinanigans
    heard someone say they dont ban serials, but would by a new game or borrow a friends serial if it was me.

    do they ban the player, your build soldier ?


  69. PBsu*** Avatar

    Remove HardWareBan:

    1. Change HDD , or use “RAID 0” with it.

    2. Change “MAC” adress.

    3. If u use a “ADSL” modem u can ignore poit “2”

    4. HardWareBan = CDKeyban(GUID) —> NEW GAME $

    5. No more Cheats.


  70. PBsu*** Avatar

    its work 4 me ….i`m back

    i mean clean 😉

  71. Administrator Avatar

    Like you werent clean before PBsu*** ???


    Great for you, could you finish off by exactly describing how you did it and what you did to make it work ?


  72. PBsu*** Avatar


    IF YOU GOT a messagewindow “blablabla bla GLOBAL HARDWAREBAN:(”
    1: PB have scaned your HDD 4 a “hddhardwareserialnumber” and have it on PB server saved.
    2: PB have scaned your “MACadress” and saved hardwareseriall from Networkcard.
    3: PB have your CD/DVDkey and have saved.

    “In BF series of games, PB has allways been banning you CD-Key/HW if you violate the EULA , but not in a DEMO 😉
    i think will work for “AAO” 2″

    HOW 2 unhardwareban::)

    1:USE NEW HDD (you need another seriall) , or put oldHDD in “BIOS” to “RAID 0” , if you now wath i mean if not —> “GOOGLE”

    3: Disable “LAN” in “BIOS”.

    4: Use a new NETWORKCARD , or try to put this in other slot(i think will not work).
    download this tool and you can see your macadress
    disconnect , and run it (ignore “WAN (PPP/SLIP)interface”)
    if you see another NETWORK Adapter , remove it and use a new.

    5: if your try to play maybe get a window ->”blablabla GUID BAN”
    PB need a new CDkey.

    i hope ADMIN is HAPPY , and work 4 you 2

    sorry 4 my english guys:(

  73. Administrator Avatar

    Hey PBsu***

    No worries about your english. I think I’ll sum it up, perhaps clean your english a bit 🙂 … and post your guide in a new post, hoping others will see it.

    So your happy, clean and in the game again ? Man, I’ve seen so many cheaters in Battlefield 2 (BF2) lately. I’ve played a few times other places, and it’s becoming obvious that cheaters are growing in numbers. Hate that. If only administrators would ban a bit more. Punkbusters way sucks, but admin’s should be more active.


  74. PBsu*** Avatar

    Administrator Says : If only administrators would ban a bit more. Punkbusters way sucks, but admin’s should be more active.

    i think to .

  75. Nick_V Avatar

    PBSu*** i got a problem when i boot my pc and open my bios i search and search but coudnt find anything about raid and hard drives . Any ideas??

  76. Administrator Avatar

    get name and version of your bios, upgrade it. how old is your pc ?

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  78. Nick_V Avatar

    my pc is 1year old and the bios is Phoenix

  79. Nick_V Avatar

    cant find the version -.-

  80. Nick_V Avatar

    and euh where can i upgrade the bios ??? cause i think its pretty new my motherboard was broken a while ago so i got a new one + new driver

  81. Nick_V Avatar

    LOL i had do something special and they said warning YOU CANT CREATE A RAID , i got 2 hard drives ,BUT 1 device that controls them both XD, i have ADSL so now the onyl thing i have to do is get a new game??

  82. Nick_V Avatar

    ok nvm i tryed it on ET because its free and easy to change guid ,but still ban i dont wanna buy new hdd ,because i just got new ones

  83. Nick_V Avatar

    alright i just find why i coudnt create a array , i got 2 harddrives ,BUT it got a a master device , i think and hope its a raid device ,but now i need help to change it to RAID 0, plz help me !!!!

  84. Administrator Avatar


    It seems you’ll also need that new game !

  85. PBsu*** Avatar

    Nick_V Says:alright i just find why i coudnt create a array , i got 2 harddrives ,BUT it got a a master device , i think and hope its a raid device ,but now i need help to change it to RAID 0, plz help me !!!!

    u need a supported raid 0 motherboard

    check this forum: http://mpcforum.com/showthread.php?t=105109

  86. ROLLE Avatar

    LETS ALL GET CHEAT ON THE SERVERS WITH NO PB!!!!!!!!!! maybe they get thinking some…

  87. Nick_V Avatar

    in ET you dont need a new game XD just delete your etkey in etmain map and then open et and typ /pb_cdkeyreg in console and you have a new guid 😉

  88. Nick_V Avatar

    btw the site doesnt give information about how to put it in raid 0 i think its in djob or something atm

  89. Nick_V Avatar

    could it be that i need some update or something??? cause i got version 6.00 Phoenix driver for my motherboard

  90. Administrator Avatar

    U better upgrade BIOS, and have a look at the settings/options there.

  91. britiansniper Avatar

    hi guys i was banned from punkbuster by global guid but i can get passed that honestly add me to msn and ill tell u how it doesnt cost anything just plain simply asdvice there is no program,no messing,no deleting add me if you want to play on bf2 again john_bomb6@msn.com really i am no joke punkbuster think that a global ban will stop you from playing on pb servers again my verisoon of this will take you erm..1 step.

  92. britiansniper Avatar

    this could work but dont set your heart on it

  93. britiansniper Avatar

    i can only tell u on msn becuase its elgal to say on websites but you will not get into trouble

  94. Nick_V Avatar

    yeah i know updating could do the trick but do you know a website or something where i can update it ???

  95. Administrator Avatar

    Not really, I have a different BIOS, you should Google on it??? Just google from my frontpage 🙂


  96. Nick_V Avatar

    XD where do you find your bios file because the flash need to be updated

  97. Nick_V Avatar

    k searched the hard drives and found different files ,but wich file do i need to update?is it the bios1.rom file in system32 or what is it?

  98. Nick_V Avatar

    damn cause thats the only thing i need to know before i can finnaly play on pb -server again 🙂

  99. PBsu*** Avatar

    hi Nick_V

    open ur pc and post here wath u see

    my board : “ASUS – A8N-E”


  100. Nick_V Avatar

    y? i know i got phoenix and i need to flash it ,got the files but now need the scripts

  101. Nick_V Avatar

    nvm, ^^ i found my bios installation cd and it includes live update, so i have updated my bios ,but i guess i need to update the drivers as well. So i gonna do that now

  102. Nick_V Avatar

    PS: my board km400-8235-6a6lym4bc-00

  103. Nick_V Avatar

    i also tried whit a trouble ticket

    heres PB’s help:

    1.you are now permamently banned from al PB-games however you still can play on non-pbservers

    2.you need a new pc


    so i gonna screw pb by not following there advice and btw my hard drives where ALREADY in raid but dont know wich one, so any ideas??

    here’s another great idea that might work for some ppl

    1. restore your pc whit norton goback or a other goback tool (windows xp has got a system recovery wich also works fine ^^)
    2. change network card (skip when adsl, BUT re-install it)
    3. new game (or new cdkey/guid)

    this is the cheapest guid ,but it will not work for everyone so dont be angry if it doesnt work

  104. Nick_V Avatar

    😀 totally unbanned now ,but when i tried to play BF it said invalid CD CODE ,while in the installation nothing was wrong, they say my cdcode already is in use…any1 can help me out?

  105. Administrator Avatar

    Great, unbanned, good for you ! But the invalid, code … No idea ! Anyone ?

  106. PBsu*** Avatar

    Nick_V your cd key is banned too ,
    i have sended my original bf2dvd to “EA” in germany and i got a new key 😉

  107. AA player Avatar
    AA player

    I think i know how u guys got banned. There exists a thing called HW spoofer. So, im saying that someone was spoofing their HW and got HW ban(with the spoofed HW). And unlucky for u, it was ur HW. What do u think of this?

  108. Administrator Avatar

    Hi AA player

    No idea, sounds like a far fetched thought ?


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  110. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    i also have a hardware ban playing Battlefield 2, i was getting the ban after that i reinstalled windows but Evenbalance doesnt want to reply to my e-mails and trouble tickets, damn bastards.
    Could someone help me: I cant find the RAID setup for me HD in my BIOS.

    pls help.
    Thnx, Dutchie

  111. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    I know now that i need 2 HDD’s to change the RAID 🙂
    I only need a new HDD and then i probably can play PB Supported games again! 😀

  112. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    I hate EvenBalance!!!

  113. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    hi again lol
    Can you asure me that, if i buy a second HDD and then set the RAID of those 2 drive at RAID 0, i can play BF2 (and all Punkbuster supported games again)


  114. Administrator Avatar

    Hey Dutchie

    Cant assure anything, sorry 🙂 But from feedback, it seems like the best way to unbane fron bunkbuster bans, hardware bans and GUI bans. So try your luck, and get back in the game.


  115. Angre Avatar

    I gone tell evry game constructer in sweden not to use pb after this text i was read, it is madness. I have never cheated or any thing else to get more points on 2142. But still i got banned, madness madness

  116. ernest Avatar

    I hawe web page anyone vana create comunity of destroi punkbuster

  117. Derrick Avatar

    This is the dumbest thing ever. For a game like Call Of Duty 2, people pay upwards to 100$ for it in some countries brand new. To be permabanned from all PB servers is not right for the price you pay. Like is Counter Strike, Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) works the same way, but you only pay around 15-30$ for that game depending on where you live. Its never more than 30. PB bans should be for that server only.

  118. haktrix Avatar

    i hacked BF2 for a while got banned eventually HW ban lucky i play on a laptop and have loads of HD’s ,and as for you people moaning about buying a new HD u dont need a big 1 just get an external hardrive and put ur Os on it and the game and just us that for gaming you can gte em cheap nowadays doesnt have to be a big 1 or brand new

  119. Jones Avatar

    Question, can you still use your old account after a guid ban? I have a new account i am currently using and it is kinda cool starting over and doing things a little differently however i would like to use my old account as i have 36000 hard fought points in it. And no i didn’t cheat for them either, my 13 year old son put hacks on my pc back in December and the ban showed up one night in feburary.

  120. PB hacker Avatar

    I have already disabled my pb global hardware ban and guid ban at companys db , because I know bug.

  121. Administrator Avatar

    So Mr. PB Hacker, then share with us all and you’ll e todays hero.

  122. Administrator Avatar

    Hey jones.

    Your account is finished unfortunately. Unless you use hacks of a more proffesional kind, you cant get that account back.


  123. PB hacker Avatar

    If I share it info to the net in 2 days this be fixed, so for this forum users who being baned by pb global guid hardware ban is to change hw. This bug known only for me and others 3 aao gamers then see all info they do not cheat anymore, the evenbalance is very powerfull company, so it is a secret ,because some of the aao users can cheat again then they bans bee lifted.

  124. Administrator Avatar

    Hey Hacker.

    You can share it with me, and I’ll test it on one of my Battlefield 2 banned accounts. Would love to raise my own bans without new hardware. Want to share with me?

  125. John Avatar

    I guess that means my new cd key will get banned if i log into it? The guy at even balance told me in his words “should be ok” when i asked him that question.

  126. Administrator Avatar

    If you got a decent answer from Evembalance, you are lucky. They mostly do standard replies. But listen to them though on this, they should know 🙂


  127. PB hacker Avatar

    No I cant share because it is brake the license. I now are beta tester so I report this bug to evenbalance , now they know what I lifted my global guid hardware ban 😀
    So they asked to be a freelancer.

    Sory man. One choice to you .
    Del all games in your computer and ,not use any of your account 1 year , because the db are full ,and inactive cheaters information be deleted . Mabie and 5months. All news I write here.

    [b]tester of aao and evenbalance freelancer . 😉

  128. PB hacker Avatar

    Write there your baned aao acount, I need one width hardware ban or guid ban. I look in db and , try to do what I can, mabie your ban be lifted.

  129. PB hacker Avatar

    Or battlefield account.

  130. Administrator Avatar

    hey PBhacker, leave me a mail I can reply, and you are very welcome to try it out !


  131. wtf Avatar

    sheesh what happen to the internet privetcy act signed by bill clinton? how the hell can they get away with scanning every hd on your computer? i think pb is just getting way out of control, i think the server admins should have the banning privs not PB, PB should just let them know and let them deal with the bans, i think its BS that they can get away with this shit

  132. False Positive Avatar
    False Positive

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to fine players found cheating instead of banning them forever. I mean if I caught somebody cheating I would ban them for a week and charge them like $100 bucks to get unbanned, then a higher charge for everytime they get caught until they cant afford to play online anymore. By just cutting people off your cutting down on profits from games that will never be sold due to global bans that are never lifted.

  133. Nick'o Avatar

    Well i installed BF2 on my new computer and got banned… What a joke..! I love the way that you cannot get unbanned no matter what the story, and like you say.. EVERY PB server..!??!?! Please don’t let the gaming industry go down this road….

  134. Administrator Avatar

    Yep. You may have some unapporved software 🙂 ?? I tried with a hardware spoofer, it works, but too much hastle. I’ve quit that game, and is now doing other games.


  135. False Positive Avatar
    False Positive

    I would like to thank the people at PsB and Evenbalance for helping me break my video game addiction. I haven’t purchased or played any new games since I lost total interest in them after being GUID banned from BF2. I used to spend hours playing BF2 wondering what game I will get next after I made it as high as I could on that one. I lost a profile with 930 hours and it made me kind of disappointed at first, then I thought if this can happen on one game whats the point of going threw that again on another.

  136. Administrator Avatar

    Hey, please install PB on WOW then, that will save me weeks of time or even months !

  137. [Blackhat] Avatar

    Actually, you can use a spoofer to spoof your hardware id and say screw that lousy ban. PB Sux and always will. As long as there is a will there is a way. Bring it on PB.

    Look for me in BF2! You will know when you see me.

  138. i hate pb Avatar
    i hate pb

    i was globaly band by pb the not so funny thing is if i wanted a hack i wouldnt now how just got my first computer about three months ago i got no response other than me or someone else was hacking on my computer maybe my 6 month old son or my key was stolen is that possible that someone could acces ma keys this sux

  139. steve Avatar

    my mate just bought bf2 and he has a world ban but punkbuster would not update but i just found out windows firewall was on does it need to be off for punkbuster and can he get his ban lifted

  140. goodman not Avatar
    goodman not

    We got banned cos we used hacks so dont lie, I got hardware ban on BF2, and yes i deserved it, those who got a ban did wrong.

  141. PBhacker Avatar

    The pb harware bans are not so bad .
    You must not play in any pb supported game 1 year.

    After year they remove information about your pc.

    If you want i can try to talk one of eb members what they lift the hw ban ,just send me info about your played game then you been hw banned ,the reason why you been banned (The hack u used and the pb kick line ) your computer information and send to me ernestjev@gmail.com 😉

  142. Rime Avatar

    i`ve just get a global ban on PB cod4.Im not a hacker but i have many documents about anti-hacking(text doc)..could be posible that PB found that in my pc,and this is the reason i`ve got banned ?

  143. !c3 Avatar

    I was in .:BOG:. sever I asked a religious question
    then the clan started shouting at me and abused me
    (Especsically SureShot)

  144. !c3 Avatar

    They will try and PB ban me Arghhhhh

  145. a kid w/ a new PC Avatar
    a kid w/ a new PC

    I just bought a new PC for Christmas, specc’d for gaming.
    The machine cost me £995 (-VAT) / £1195 (+VAT) / $2290 (+VAT)

    I was banned for ‘hacking’ on a game run by punkbuster. Im just wondering..will i be able to play PB games again on my new comp since it was my old comp that was banned . ? ?
    Or will i not?
    Or will i need to change my IP/Range?? coz i have changed my IP three times in the past month just for the sake of it but it’s still in the same Range .

    So can anyone help me?

    >> Email to shock108 at googlemail dot com << thanks

  146. Administrator Avatar

    Hey “a kid”. You should be able to play without ay problem.
    Your MAC (network card) adress is changed, you should get a new serial (new game) and then you could play the old one just fine 🙂 Let me know how you do.

    Cheers and happy new years.

  147. 77.ne Avatar

    Yes you be able to play on new computer if you using diferent network card or router .

  148. buzzkill2006 Avatar

    i recently got banned and like most of you for no apparent reason. and no i didnt fuckin cheat!. the guid wors of your cd key and that is way you must purchase the game. i recently found hackers on the web who steel peoples guids while they are on a server, these are the admins of some server, with pb admin access. they then sell/post these to hacker friends, and when they eventually get caught, it is the poor basturd who wasnt hacking, that gets the ban. and the best thing is that Punkbuster dont give a shit, because there is no other product out there doing the same thing, ie no competition for them. shits fucked up.

  149. Simon Avatar

    I hate punkbuster – it has stopped me playing BF2142. BF2 and now Call of Duty 4.
    I am not a techy – so how am I supposed to fix things (I have tried looking at their support site – but you need to be a PC wizard to understand it.

    I find this criminal – I have paid good money – aboout £200 so far for a game I cannot play onloine becuase of a software company that has nothing to do with the GAME!??
    I am a legitimate player with no intention of cheating (I dont know how) and I cannot play the game.

    I am so angry!!
    I have tried installing, re-installing,m switching off my Firewalls, clearing down Chache folders blah blah – nothing helps – latest with CoD 4 – is that PB cannot initialise!1 is that my fault??


  150. Gagarin235 Avatar

    I have heard, that PB HW ban can be broken just by changing ur RAM for a new one !!!

  151. Simon Palmer Avatar
    Simon Palmer

    Hi Guys,
    I agree with all your comments. In fact I believe Punkbuster should be BANNED. If there was a way of getting us all to lobby the game makers to stop selling their games with this crappy software. Having spent £40 on BF 2142 – I could not play the game because Punkbuster software could not configure through ,y firewall. Evenbalance try to tell you to fiddle with the firewall setting and take of the security etc etc – WHAT THE HELL!!! a) I am not a techy and b) why should I open up my PC to viruses and hackers to get round their incompetent coding?
    I am very very angry with this pnkbuster stuff, how can a 3rd party piece of software be allowed to prevent me playing a game I have legitimately [paid very good money for? (and yes they ignored all my pleading for help too!!) – so what if some people want to cheat – they are just fooling themselves and in any case if I suspect someone is cheating I drop off the game and go play elsewhere – they will soon find themselves very alone! sad gits.

    So lets band together and fight this and tell EA games and others to get rid of punkbuster!!!!

  152. ears Avatar

    About PBBans: Its correct in my opinion they ban people that cheats over the games, ban the key that forces sameone to buy again the key/game aswell. Hardware ban is like a ABUSE since the client buy a game from a company not from evenbalance. At least evenbalance MUST give 1 explanation about the ban and not saying that sameone break the EUA rules… Into the war of catch cheaters evenbalance goes to much inside and trying to impose their rules over the people that buyed a software that comes with PB. I’m with evenbalance to ban players because the cheats i’m against hardware ban. something that i still dont get is WHY evenbalance dont BAN players ho uses tweaks (in my opinion the same thing as a cheater because takes advantages of somes configs to other players) that makes regular players into almost top players, isn’t fair for the player’s that wants to have fun into a game as being fair players against the tweakers/cheaters (i consider them at side by side as a tweaker can do things that a normal player into a normal game wont).
    Because all of this i wont buy any more game that comes with PBBans from evenbalance since i dont authorize them to mess with my hardware as some administrator of my own computer. I’m not a cheater, i simply play 1 game few that have this sistem and about what i read about this company is to serius to let it pass without any comment. Trully ban the cheaters not player’s hardware and have the SAME way to deal with cheaters and tweakers. For now, all the companies that are doing some games that i wanna take, they won’t because all this, to bad for them that looses money and for what i know i’m not the only guy thinking on same way.
    That’s my opinion about evenbalance and PBbans, hope all here understand it.


  153. Chris Avatar

    Don’t know if this thread is old, I am quite pissed with pb also for being falsely accused of wallhacking with a Demo In CoD, Its Rediculous!!! “”””PB SHOULD NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO BAN”””” If You Are Going To Be Banned Its Admin Decision NOT PB. Fuck Punkbuster I Hope There System Blows Up And Gets Fucked, They Like To Ruin Peoples Playing Of Games, I Agree That Cheats Should Not Be Used But There System Is Corrupt!!!! A Message To All Game Developers DO NOT LET PB CONTROL YOUR GAME AND BAN PEOPLE, LET THE GAMERS DECIDE NOT PUNKBUSTER!!!!!!

    I Have An Idea To Make A Website That PB Will Notice, If You Want To Help Out Email Me At red-sniper-13@hotmail.com, Thanks And Email Me…

  154. I Ban you Avatar
    I Ban you

    I do get a chuckle out of a significant number of cheaters here whining and also sadly a loto f the other people that obviously don’t know how the violation nor the banning system works.

    Thread like this obviously attract the cheaters to post. You must remember however that a cheater is a liar by definition. He cheats other players, his friends and in some cases his clan mates. Lying and spreading false info in a thread like this is just to fit his agenda. They get caught, so obviously they don’t want Punkbuster and will say anything.

    I know this is an old thread of over 3 years but I still get a kick out of the posts. For one to all you idiot cheats. It is the admins banning you in most cases except for those that get caught using cheats that interfere with PB detections. So yes for the most parti t is the admins.

    What admins are doing are joining such Big anticheat sites like PunksBusted.com (PsB). The oldest and largest anticheat on the net. They share bans among game server admins. So if you get caught on one server you are banned on all streaming MBL servers.

    Now about those game servers. They are privately owned and cost more to run each month that what you paid for the game. You are only a guest on them and you have no rights to play on them. When you got the game, nowhere in the eula does it even say there are servers to play on and make no promises about that. Admins can do what they want and ban whoever they want, with or without reason. They certainly are smart when they join PsB and stream

    You don’t like PB. Well then turn it off and restart your game. There are servers without pb, no matter how bad they are and loaded with cheaters. I have no sympathy for cheaters including the liar that started this thread. But what do you expect from a cheat but lies. He’s just mad because he didn’t think he would be caught, nor did he think there would be consequences except maybe getting kicked from a server. You know moron, when you post something like this, you shouldn’t be a member of a cheat site. Kinda gives you away. It’s so easy to use search and find your original whine about getting banned. You are just trying to split hairs. You got a delayed ban. You just thought it was unfair because when it went live, you weren’t cheating at the exact time you saw the ban hit you. But to late you were tracked cheating long before you got banned. This isn’t like mom and dad where you can split hairs on what you think the rules are. Nor is it the schoolyard where you think you make the rules. So posting this and not telling the whole truth is exactly what everyone expects from a liar.

    Lastly. This is a waste of time to bitch like this on the net. The vast majority of the players and game server admins out there, think you got what you deserve They support Punkbuster and they certainly support sites like PunnksBusted.com (PsB) to keep skum of their servers. Catch you today or tomorrow but catch you will happen. Go waste you money if you want but it’s a lot cheaper if you just don’t cheat.

  155. kozmo Avatar

    Hey guys. I have been reading the posts here. I have a copy of BF2 I bought some time ago. I played it all the time a few years back. The last year or two I have not been playing. I tried to go on tonight, and I too have got the PB guide ban. Although I know some of you won’t believe me when I say this, but I have never used hacks of any kind in BF2, or any of the other games I played online. So I dont get the ban? I could show you my stats online for BF2, and you can see I am by no means a hacker. Just like to go on and play. Is there anyone that can help me in the right direction to play again?

  156. evenbalance Avatar

    Dear Kozmo !!

    Your battlefield 2 cd key been leaked or you been used ilegal cd key please contact Electronic Arts and contact if your cd key been leaked.

    If you used someone else cd key please buy new battlefield version uninstall old and install new also enter new cd key who are in cd box be sure it is unique and not leaked.

    And this ban goes away . 😉

  157. False positive Avatar
    False positive

    @ I Ban you
    You are real piece of work to think that nothing including Punkbuster is perfect system that will never have a false positive. Maybe some idiots here did cheat but there are some out there who didn’t and ended up on some master ban list with wackos like yourself that have already come to conclusion the ban is 100% proven because Punkbuster says it is. Ive seen people get busted for having a messed up videocard driver. They had no clue thier driver wasn’t working right, then bam. Busted. Go buy another game for something that you had no clue was going to happen. Your right, nobody has the right to play on BF2 servers unless they pay to play on them. So for now I choose not to buy any games that support PB. The program is way to intrusive for the service it offers. No, I don’t want to play with cheaters, but I don’t need to waste my money on a game that witch hunters are going to ban me on as judge, jury, and executioner for something that may not even be my fault. So now I play Xbox. Works much better. Its very rare that I see any cheaters, and when I do its not hard to report them for further investigation. No cd keys to ban, no childish admins making crazy rules, no witch hunters seeking to make some all mighty ban list. Just some players I can choose not to play with if i think they are doing something I don’t like.

  158. jimoneycricket Avatar

    Lately people have been getting banned for no reason. In other words there are a lot of spastic admins out there that think if you are just too good then they will ban. Also some of these admins have friends that just openly flat out cheat. So apparently if you beat one of their hackers then you get banned. Well, I have had enough of this and have found myself banned eight times by firewall from the same server. Punkbuster was not even installed on their server so it’s no wonder some of them are so stupid. If you have been wrongly banned from any server, website, etc… there is an easy way to unban yourselves. First of all have a quality nic card where you can change your hardware ID anytime you see fit. Have a good router where you can do the same. for the rest of this just google changing ip by mac address. For guid bans it is even more simple. guids are a joke and you don’t even have to use any of these hacks posted by the real cheaters. Just do a little research like me and tell that server that banned you to take a flying fuckaronny because now they are the bitches.

  159. Hey False cry me a river. Avatar
    Hey False cry me a river.

    Hey false positive. First this thread is 5 years old and last post was almost a year ago. So how lame is that. Second where on your xbox did reporting anyone ever do anything. There is no banning for cheaters on the xbox live you fool. They ban maybe for chipped boxes but that is it. They don’t investigate anything about some kid crying cheater.

    Your post about how you have seen this and that. But likem ost kids, you post nothing to back it up. The video card story is one that makes me laugh so hard I almost shit. I know the exact story you are talking about, but the story is always the same. It’s always a friend or a friend of a friend but but when asked to prove it nobody can come up with the proof. It’s easy to just post on some anonymous forum or blog like this thread and say whatever you want. Doesn’t make it true however. You know something kid. Not everything some guy posts on the internet is true or even close to it. Why don’t you actually learn something about the subject to a depth that shows you actually understand the subject first. You would come off less looking like some child that thinks the internet gives you power. Just like you think that complaining to the xbox live support and actually thinking they will investigate your kiddy whining. LOL how nieve.

    So obviously you are just a crybaby that knows nothing about PC online gaming. Stick with your xbox kid. It’s designed for the brain dead and others like you that like paying every month for substandard online gaming and no support. All consoles are going to the pay to play model. Hope you enjoy the rate increases you will get as more and more greed takes ahold of these companies. Hope you like paying for extra content like a few extra maps or a new weapon selection. Hope you like cheaters because they are never caught. xbox has no built in system for cheat detection or any staff to investigate cheating. It never had it and never will. The company doesn’t care and know you are all sheep that will buy whatever they push out.

    Then you can cry about how online games used to be free and you wish for the good old days with your PC when online play was free and games cost less. Fool

  160. Benny Avatar

    i recently got banned to way i dont now damme

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