How to unban global hardware ban from PunkBuster

How to unban PunkBuster Global Hardware Ban

I was banned. I want to be unbanned and a few people contributed to a way through. I’ve not tested the setup myself, but has been told by others that it works.

I’ve also read about cheats that can unban you, cheat PunkBuster, but I have no idea how to work them. Some of these cheats are only available in closed clans or the like.

Here is how to unban you from PunkBuster (pb). BTW.. Evenbalance that handles the bans for PB will never tell you why you’ve been banned.

Unban Global Hardware Ban

1) Get a new hardrive or set your current hardrive(s) up in RAID (RAID 0 is best for games) If your motherboard does not support it then get a RAID controller.

2) Get a new NIC (Ethernet card)…make sure you disable remove any ond cards. And be sure you disable any firewire 1394 ports (will show up under network connections)

3) If you get a new harddrive and it isn’t set up in RAID don’t use your old one. PB scans every hd you have connected. You can still use them just disconnect them before you play BF2. One option for old HD’s would be to get an external enclosure so it would be easier to plug in.

4) Try experimenting with the console, try is putting in console sv_pb_security 0. That might also just work.

Feel free to report your results here.


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  3. britiansniper Avatar

    this only works for people that do not have a hardware ban just a plain simple ban like muitihack all you need to do is send me exactly what it says when you get kick when you try to connect to a pb server

  4. Administrator Avatar

    Hey Britain

    Share what you know, or send me an email so I can share it. Cheers
    selskab —AT—

  5. pendragon_inc Avatar

    I recieved the following message:

    not very specific, huh?

    So does this method work for hardware bans or not? I feel cheated by the anti-cheat (anti-cheat – anti-christ? hmmm).

  6. […] How to unban global hardware ban from PunkBuster […]

  7. Niko Avatar

    I have get Hardware ban.. and in all pb games how i can get it out..

  8. Administrator Avatar

    cheers niko, have you read the guide on this site ?

  9. Istsad Avatar

    I have this
    global punkbuster guid ban f51f445f
    What does it mean? Can you help me

  10. Istsad Avatar

    global punkbuster guid ban f51f445f
    What does it mean? Can you help me?

  11. Administrator Avatar

    Not much you can do except follow my guide on this site. It works, but takes a little hardware messing …

    good luck

  12. john Avatar

    i’ve also been hardware banned and you’ll laugh once you hear thier reason. which they can’t explain. This is our connversations that i’ve had with PB.

    03/01/2006 11:46:13 – “viduus”
    Note #6: So what of my last response to you on. Note #5: Well thx but i only own 2 games and that Joint Operations and Call of Duty,

    i can play joint operation with this hardware but not Call of Duty and the banned didn’t come from Call of Duty it came from another game that i don’t have hmm seems kinda strange to me

    i’m really tryin to make sense of all this but i can’t…plus your software gave me a banned that i wasn’t even cheating in. I don’t think thats fair

    And if im able to still play in PB servers in joint Operations servers then my computer isn’t the problem it’s your PB software beause i said i only OWN 2 games, And if the ban didn’t come from COD and i’m still aloud to play in PB servers for Joint Operations then where did the ban come from? what game?

    I guess no one there can answer that qustion. just that your software thought i was cheating and banned me and thats the end of that. How nice

    i can play joint operation with this hardware but not Call of Duty and the banned didn’t come from Call of Duty it came from another game that i don’t have hmm seems kinda strange to me

    i’m really tryin to make sense of all this but i can’t…plus your software gave me a banned that i wasn’t even cheating in. I don’t think thats fair

    02/26/2006 21:31:00 – “Stuart Dunsmore”
    Note #4: I’m not sure, any hardware ban will apply to all PB enabled servers.

    02/23/2006 16:09:37 – “viduus”
    Note #3: Note #2: You were hardware banned, that means, you can’t play on any PB enabled server with that hardware, no matter what game. these are your words above:

    but what i’m saying is that i can still play Joint Operations with PB enabled in PB servers with this hardware, Why is that?
    02/23/2006 09:51:36 – “Hendrik Thole”
    Note #2: You were hardware banned, that means, you can’t play on any PB enabled server with that hardware, no matter what game.

  13. Administrator Avatar

    Hey John

    LOL, yeah, u’r right. Ridiculous if u ask me. At least they can give the excact reason. They don’t bother.

    The words they use, are surely from a template, since everyone I hear from, gets more or less the same explanation. A bitch eh ?

    Jakob Boyer-Dræby

  14. blubby Avatar

    1: I have changed my HD ID serial!
    2: I have set a new MACaddress (networkcard) serial!
    3: I have a new guid (new account 2 play)
    4:* I cant fucking change my lan in bios.
    AND im still global banned.

    Is it becaus i cant change LAN in bios.. plz reply on this and help me im allmost done I HOPE so Smoke with the POPE!

    greeets blubby!

  15. blubby Avatar

    and im playing on my other pc (from LAN)
    SAME IP and then i can REALLY spawn!
    why not on me banned pc at LAN.
    after all the changes at the banned pc

  16. blubby Avatar

    what 2 do next! someone an suggestion!

    love 2 hear something 😛
    greets blub

  17. Administrator Avatar

    Right, the LAN in bios made my settings work !! Google is your friend 😉 Work that LAN, and it should work.


  18. blubby Avatar

    thx admin im going 2 look….

  19. blubby Avatar

    Hey admin, well i disabled my LAN in BIOS bud now i cant connect 2 the internet. I put the router out and NOW iam directly connected 2 the modem, bud cant STABELISED the connection to the MODEM! Its says (if im searching for it) cant vind a modem!!!
    maybe i need to reinstall win XP and install with the direct connection at the modem. and disable LAN again in bios and start all over.

    if im not correct correct me plz!

    thx allot blubz.

  20. Administrator Avatar

    Make a system restore to just before your last change. Dont go reinstalling Windows, too much hassle.

    Try and try and try again. Go google, it’s easier than asking me 🙂

    Good luck

  21. blubby Avatar

    okey i wil do my best.. thx for your help 😉

  22. Sean Avatar

    I didn’t realize you can run programs off of an external HD, but i have a 150GB external and just ran Age of Empires 3 off of it. So that fixes my Hardrive part now i need a network card.

  23. Administrator Avatar


    Let me know what your results are !! Thx


  24. player Avatar

    how download global punkbuster guid ban f51f445f

  25. player Avatar

    hellp me

  26. TmastaG Avatar

    How can I find out if and what cheats I have on my computer still. I downloaded a wall hack a looong time ago and thought I had deleted it. But I’ve been banned now and have no reason why.

  27. Shahz Avatar

    If i resinstalled windows xp there wouldn’t be any hardware ban?

  28. Administrator Avatar

    Shahz, reinstalling XP don’t make any difference, sorry

  29. Carlos Avatar

    ummm reinstalling WINDOWS XP???

    thats the cheesiest version i’ve heard! LOL

    If you’re not s0o smart at messing with your hardware and u have $32 USD go to and buy that…

    that fixes ure HARDWARE BANN FOR SURE! =]

  30. Administrator Avatar

    Right and there are other sites that fixes this ban type. But why cheat anyway. Once cheaters show up, tons of people will cheat also.

  31. Carlos Avatar


    But we can’t stop cheaters from cheating anyway, not even PB.

    I bet all the people on this forum have used or use some kind of hack/cheat… Inlcuding me.

    If not we wouldn’t be here. =]

  32. dilligaf Avatar

    The GUID you supplied was logged using a cheat that tried to prevent detection by PB. The method used is considered by us to interfere with the way PB is designed to work, therefore violating our EULA.

    If you were not cheating, then someone was either using your computer or your CD key and was caught.

    Either way, your GUID was used to try to hack on PB servers and it is now permanently banned. You may still play on non-PB servers as our bans only apply to servers with PunkBuster enabled

    this is what i got from evenbalance and now they wont answer me anymore ive sent 5 replies after that and still nothing and i have not been using the hacks the guid ban 26f9c7c8

  33. 7 Avatar

    BattleField 2
    September 20, 2007 at 7:01:12 pm
    GUID: 9e1d0faf28e71d480185152d26f9c7c8
    VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50084: Ghostnexxie (slot #49) Violation (AIMBOT) #50084 [9e1d0faf28e71d480185152d26f9c7c8(-)]

    My advise:
    Quit cheating Ghostnexxie.
    ACE* actualmanx

  34. Stephen Avatar

    Wow! What a waste of money.. A HARDWARE ban? Never heard of such a thing.. a GUID ban, yes. But why spend such money on hardware when it’s the software’s KEY that the GUID is generated with? Just go out and buy a LEGITAMATE copy of the game if you’re spending the money anhow.

  35. Stephen Avatar

    LOL… disregard that last post.. I didn’t realize that there were multiple pages to this thread… I had a blonde moment, as my wife would say.

  36. doodeee Avatar

    Hardware bans=dont work

    I cheated got caught…I unbanned myself and never cheated again.
    now i have more fun .

    Format the hard drive
    search in google for these spoofers.

    download a mac address changer. (changes network card #)
    then DL a hard drive ID changer(change volume ID #)

    Changing my HD ID and my mac adress along with a complete reformat to remove traces of the cheats that you CAN NOT REMOVE without formatting Made my hardware ID change enough to be able to use the machine to play again.

  37. Akim05 Avatar


    im Akim05 just a old most wanted cheater on AAO
    if you think this bullshit is true ( buy new hardware …. )
    dont belive this shit ..
    sure you can unban if you buy new hardware but itssame like buy new pc so..

    but i did it without buying any bullshit……
    how ?

    just ask me on my e-mail i will tell you, i dont like to post it official but it works and i did it 3 years ago and it still works……

    and i will tell you the true , there is a simple ……………………. how to unbann and you dont need any programm you dont need any shit you can do it yourself.

  38. dontkissme Avatar

    Very easy to get unbanned LOL
    1 uninstall your game
    1A delete your SoF folder completely
    2 run RegCleaner
    3 install your game
    4 choose a new nickname

    This worked for me, and I didnt have to by new hardware !
    And I didnt willingly cheated. Had probably downloaded some stuff with a cheat. Had a global guid ban. So now I only get maps from the servers. Takes some time but its safer

  39. AquaMan Avatar

    I would like to find a cheat/hack that unbans me everytime I get banned from somewhere. Can anyone help me do that? I got banned from BPT Clan for no reason and I wanna unban myself with a hack. So if anyone can help me please send an E-mail to thanks.

  40. AquaMan Avatar

    I use hacks/cheats 😀

  41. {JTO}tinytomtom1011 Avatar

    I was playing lastnight on the only Ranked server i have and i wus disconeced wen i tryed to join the game again it sed as Admin had banned me or i had teamkilled loads, scene as this is not possible on this server and the bullets u fire at ur teammates don’t hurt them its defo not tht! im so annoyed i only have 1 ranked server and i’m banned please help me 🙁

  42. Adnanic Avatar

    there is only 1 way to unbann and i hope im not the only 1 who did this….. i see to much threads about how to unban hardware ban.

    but im sure i will not post it cuz if i do then i get back my enemy by using cheats vs me ^^

    humm only a donate can help to get you unbanned ^^ so gl and gTRYs

  43. Adnanic Avatar

    uhmm i forgot to say …

    you dont need buy new, network card / Modem / Mainboard / Soundcard / Monitor / Mouse / Keybord / HD / Gcard / Car

    dont belive this …

    there is 1 way you can change it in 2 min ahh no in 1 min ….
    and belive i dont lie.
    save your money for other PC ^^

    ps: sorry for the spam

  44. canucrackit Avatar

    Akim05 please email me
    and if anyone else finds a working method please email me!

  45. AquaMan Avatar

    I was playing on a server and I got kicked from PB and then I tryed to go on a different server of the Clan I’m in of cod4 which is HOF – SnakeAndSnotsHouseOfFun Free For All Server – 16 Slot#. I got Permanant GUIDE Banned and I was wondering if I could get unbanned, can anyone help me please? I dont wanna be banned…I think I didn’t install PB in the cod4 installation so I’m gonna uninstall and reinstall it again tonight and make sure I get PunkBuster, cause it is good to have PB.

  46. AquaMan Avatar

    Here is the message for when I try to connect and I get it all the time on going to punk buster servers… please help me!!!!!!! I wanna be unbanned, Punkbuster I’m sorry.

    Notice: “|USM|AquaMan PunkBuster permanant ban issued on this Game Server for player ‘|USM|AquaMan’…GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID Ban e7018239”

    Can someone please tell me how I can get unbanned without having to install new hardware or anything??

  47. {TJO}Tinytomtom1011 Avatar

    Aqua? U sed u use cheats and hacks… and now ur banned are u really suprised?

  48. AquaMan Avatar

    No not really cause I accedently went on with detected hacks to pb servers lol so yeah thats probably how I got banned from all pb…but this is my hacking computer and I’m getting a laptop soon so that’d be my non-hacking computer.

  49. AquaMan Avatar

    Does anyone know how to get unbanned without buying new internet and computer? Can anyone help me find a program that unbans from punkbuster? That’d be a big help, thanks. E-mail me if u can.

  50. THE CRACKER Avatar


  51. THE CRACKER Avatar


  52. ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Avatar

    why not just buy the game again and switch key codes.

  53. Joran Avatar

    I can help u give me ur email Ans ill explain u How…u hot Windows xp???

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