How to get unbanned from Punkbuster – Unban GUID Hardware Ban and Global Ban – PB and evenbalance

If you receive a global hardware ban If you are so unlucky as to get a ban from Punkbuster, a global ban, hardware ban, in your computer game, there is a solution for you. It takes a little knowledge, but most people can do it, or know someone that can help remove the ban. Punkbuster is surely not there for you, nor Evenbalance, that handles the bans for Punkbuster (PB).

Banmessages from PunkBuster

You ban-message could be like one of these:

“You have been permanently banned”
“You have been permanently banned from this Game Server via PunkBuster GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN”

This usually means that: * Punkbuster has scanned your harddrive for a “hardwareserialnumber” and has saved it * Punkbuster has scanned your “MACadress” and saved it (taken from your identifiable networkcard) * Punkbuster has saved your CD-key or DVD-key

How to remove hardwareban

  1. Install a new Harddrive (HD). You need a new Harddrive-serial. The only was is a new harddrive. You could also set the old HD to “RAID 0” in your BIOS.
  2. Disable “LAN” in “BIOS”
  3. Install a new Networkcard, or at first put it in another slot. This is to change your MACadress.
  4. You can also change your MACadress with many freeware tools online
  5. You can try to play the game now. If you get a window/message mentioning a “GUID BAN”, your gameserial is banned. Then you need a new serial for the game also. Buy a new game. Some have the extra hardware needed, but most need to get a new game CD. Make sure you have no cheats installed, and good luck.

Google: “Disable LAN in BIOS”
Google: “Change MAC adress”
Google: “Setup RAID in BIOS”
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Games supported by Punkbuster Download:

America’s Army, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Vietnam, Call of Duty, DOOM 3, Enemy Territory, Far Cry Joint Operations: Typoon Rising Quake III Arena, Quake 4 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Soldier of Fortune II

PB keywords and misspellings:

Punkbuster, GUID Ban, hardware ban, global hardware ban, evenbalance, pb, Hardwar ban, Hardwareban serialban, GUI BAN, GUIDBan, battelfield 2, battlefield 2, battlefield 2, punkbuser, punk Buster
Punkbuster links

In order to get you unbanned, you can obtain a new CD key from EA-games, if you i.e. have been banned from BF2. Read this support page from EA-games:






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  1. Checheu Avatar


  2. Administrator Avatar

    Great, am happy for you. Bring your Brazilian clans to europe now 🙂

  3. Tombstone Avatar

    i have two(2) harddrivers Windows and games and i have installed all games in my game hardrive, if i understand i have to change/buy new bouth HD´s then i have unbanned ? and networkcard of course

  4. Nick_V Avatar

    tombstone you also can put your old harddrives into raid, new networkcard and a new guid

  5. Nick_V Avatar

    tombstone you also can put your old harddrives into raid, new networkcard and a new guid to unban

  6. Nick_V Avatar

    admin why are the other unbanforums deleted?

  7. pendragon_inc Avatar

    Hey tombstone, I tried just switching to a secondary HD I had installed but wasn’t using. I wasn’t unbanned until I completely changed drives and removed the old ones.

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  9. AA Admin Avatar

    Dont cheat in the first place.

  10. Administrator Avatar

    Forums closed ? What do you mean Nick ?

  11. Logbat Avatar


    AA.Admin: I have to qoute you on this: Dont cheat in the first place.

    I have my entire life never cheated, well maybe with money in Rome total war on hard difficulty.

    I have been in anti cheat alliances and tried to get PB for other games like Swat4. Im 29 years old and will rather stop playing games or anything, if it means i have to win by cheating.

    And I have got this global hardware ban from PB.

  12. Administrator Avatar

    Hi Logbat

    Yep, know the feeling. I have cheated in some games, but most were singleplayer og networkgames, installing MODS. I was “caught” cheating, no reason but the usual from

    I’d love for all games to be free of cheats. Still noone has managed to make games uncheatable 🙁

    But, hey, what do we do ?


  13. dmystic Avatar

    isnt there a way to get unbanned without buying new hardware?

  14. Administrator Avatar

    If u read the guide on this site, you should be able to reconfigure your hardware, but I guess you need at least to harddrives for starters.


  15. framed Avatar

    Someone told the admin that i did something i didn’t so he got me hardware banned from a dc server. How fair is that?
    These admins can just ban anyone they don’t like. They shouldn’t be the only judge.

  16. Administrator Avatar

    Only evenbalance can inforce a hardware ban. Punkbuste has nothing to do with this. Admins can report users, but punkbuster is the SW that scans your computer to check for cheats.

    So don’t blame your admin, he can kick you, and ban your from his server, but not global ban you from all Punkbuster-supported systems.


  17. ADDER Avatar

    hi guys i have a question i got hardware banned too by punkbuster
    if i put my drive in raid 0 will it work any body tried it and does that work i allready have new lan card

  18. Administrator Avatar

    ADDER, you should have two drives, preferable that are unknow to your system. But RAID should take care of this stupid issue of ban. Move your LAN to next port. You read the guide right ?


  19. MriPra Avatar

    Hey I have a quick sloution for hardware banned get a hw spoofer.
    you ask whats that , its a smiple program (software) to change your MAC and HDD serial. So next time you try to play online and you get the hw banned from PB your just click away to go back to your game.
    Let me know if anyone intersted:) my email >REMOVED BY ADMIN @ DOMAIN .com<

  20. [CLS]_Airborne328 Avatar

    Your HW spoofers will not work. You have been pwned by EvenBalance. Go back to Pacman…

  21. kikthth Avatar

    HAHAHA punkbuster sucks just use ETpro spooffer! n00bs

  22. Administrator Avatar

    Hey Dude “kikthth”

    People here were usually kicked in Battlefield 2 !!!


  23. paule Avatar

    please help my computer just got back from a service and trogens and adware was found on hard drive the took harddrive out did something and fixed it now i cant play on any severs pb is kiking me unpure pkg 3 file or something wrong with guide the point is im banned i wont to be unbanned please help me or shoul i by new hard drive and game i play sof 2

  24. Administrator Avatar

    paule – it seems your caught like so many others incl admin here 😉 Start removing malicious software, and consider looking for IP spoofers or the like. A bad road to take, but everyone else here are thinking the same, wtf happened, and how do I get back in the game. If you’ve done the guide on the pages here, I can only suggest start cheating to get back. I quit my BF2 game for a while, hate cheaters, they ruin the games for everyone else. Good players are king, but aimbots, wallhacks, cheats of all kinds ruin every game in time.

    Good luck, report back to me what u do.


  25. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    Just buy: TheKernel PB Hardware Spoofer, bought it myself.
    trust me, it works. i can even hack WITH pb detected hacks without getting kicked 😀

  26. Administrator Avatar

    Wow, hate that, I’d prefer a spoofer that doesn’t allow hacks 😉 But buying a spoofer ? hmmm, HW spoofer at what price and where ?

  27. [CLS]_Airborne328 Avatar

    TheKernel PB Hardware Spoofer is detected. Use at your own risk, losers

  28. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    I was just kidding about the hacks 😛 sorry,

    and to reply to [CLS]_Airborne328 : DETECTED!!!??? WAHAHAHAHAGA! your kidding right!? it is NOT detected noob.

    reply to admin: you can buy it for 25$ at with paypal or moneybookers

  29. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    [CLS]_Airborne328 is probably a dude from EvenBalance who doesnt want us to buy TheKernel

  30. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    if your version is detected Airborne, ask one of the 2 two guys at for a newer version

  31. bulcrap Avatar

    I GOT BANNED!!!! FOR NOTHING!!!! some AA official admin got in a fight with me cos i said he shouldent force class cheat his weapons and not do it for us too…. he siad im gona bann u .. i said do wot u want and the next day im global banned….. he according to my clan – sent a fake shot of my cheating that wasnt even me…

    This is absolute rubbish i payed money for games like BF and now i cant play any of them cos of some gun happy admin.

  32. [CLS]_Airborne328 Avatar

    No please buy, I need more punks to ban. And for the record I am a senior member of AASA. I have nothing to hide. Can the same be said for you.? Please, please go buy it. My count to date has been idle at 304 banned punks

  33. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    Too bad for you Airborne, that you can not ban poeple who bought TheKernel.
    It’s impossible dude

  34. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    I have nothing to hide too, i am not a hacker or something like that, i only had the hack on my PC for some Singleplayer fun, and then i was banned.
    Didnt used it online.

  35. [CLS]_Airborne328 Avatar

    Too bad for you Airborne, that you can not ban poeple who bought TheKernel.
    It’s impossible dude

    If you think so, good for you

  36. The Dutchie Avatar
    The Dutchie

    Too bad for you Airborne, that you can not ban poeple who bought TheKernel.
    It’s impossible dude

    If you think so, good for you

    I mean if people are not hacking btw 😛 srry

  37. punkdead Avatar

    Punkbuster nad evenbalance will be hacked in 3 days mark my words… no more pb and eb forever

    Sql injections into the pb server and kabooom no more…. they will have to decrypt a 1080 bit encryption to undo the pb server and therefore will have to buy a new one and re instigate it to work with aa and other games..

    So goodbye pb u mother fukers

  38. [CLS]_Airborne328 Avatar

    LOL, said the banned player. Ill be patiently awaiting your attempt

  39. punkdead Avatar

    Anyone who belives Airborne is part of AASA crew is as stupid as Airborne himself…

    Why the fuk would someone who is on AASA come to site topic about trying to get unbanned from PB.

    Airborne theres a reason the world has so much unemployment – who the fuck wants u handling machinery, teaching kids or molesting a cow for its juices? nobody

  40. [CLS]_Airborne328 Avatar

    Hmmm, maybe because americas army servers run PB servers. It’s easily confirmed. Why are you wasting your time here. You said you was going to shut down PB in a few days, gauranteed. We are waiting.

    Wait your banned on AA servers, no wonder you dont know that game anymore…..:-0

  41. [CLS]_Airborne328 Avatar

    Your english/language is original, Ill give you that. Teenager original, but none the least original

  42. Miri-Sarawak Avatar

    Hi, First of all im been ban for no good reason .. the admin hate me because i kill a lot of people and then the admin ban me …
    how long the ban last and this bann thing is being abused.. how to counter such act ??

  43. [CLS]_Airborne328 Avatar

    Being banned by a particular server, doesnt get you banned serverwide. Just play on another server. Or you can always go to their forums, and in a respectful amnner inquire as to why you were banned.

  44. [CLS]_Airborne328 "realone" Avatar

    Thats real original and mature, let me guess, mommy and daddy are out of town.

  45. Naxthor Avatar

    Yaright… put the NIC into another PCI slot and it changes you MAC…. like, he fell asleep sometine during his computer lessons.
    Ur MAC ID is bound to the NIC and is unique.
    You can mask it or ‘change’ the MAC address with tools yes.

    but still… what’s this post all about??
    Some people wil actualy folluw up the advice and buy new hardware… for what..?

    Most issues wil be gone if you just BUY your game instead of using copy’s. because thats the main reason people get banned.

    Then again, I think Punkbuster is’nt that great…

  46. hanna Avatar

    hi there – i made the mistake of cheating months ago – something i sincerely and completely regret – but subsequently played ok afterwards. but now i find i am banned globally by PB even with a brand new (actually refurbished Gateway) laptop on two different accounts. anyone have any suggestions? thanks!

  47. Administrator Avatar

    Hi Hannah
    You should have gotten a new EA game and thus serial. They shouldn’t be able to ban your IP ! New laptop is great though.

  48. Hanna Avatar

    actually, it was America’s Army – they banned 2 accounts i had but did not tie my new hardware into those accounts, so i was able to get back on by creating a new account.

    moral of the story: don’t cheat (duh!) thanks!

  49. Administrator Avatar

    yea, duh… Most people feel a bit silly afterwards. Fun while it lasted, but then total anticlimax 🙂

  50. hyphy Avatar

    … im mad. Aparrently alot of noobs hate me cuz i own in Call of Duty.. so they banned me.. ehh how gay?.. they thot i was hacking.. makes me mad cuz that was my fav server.. anyone got any ideas to bypass this ” perm banned” thing? catch me on xfire if u can: uniiqu3xwun

  51. RamboPureownage Avatar

    Hi.. I just Want to know if i will get ban if if i buy a new Hardrive and a new Network Card

    second Question :

    If I buy a new harddrive and i keep the same hardrive that i have already i just put a new one and i install game of punkbuster in the new hardrive does i will get ban ? Plz Answer of it

    Sry for my bad english buys Hope tha u will understand me :DD

  52. Maler Avatar

    Hey there
    You must not use the original harddisk, unless you use RAID. If you just use the old Harddrive Punkbuster will detect your harddrive and the serial on it !

  53. Rambooooo Avatar

    I Buy a New Hardrive i change it and i buy a new network Card
    but i still have the same fucking IP :O :P? i Need help me

  54. Rambooooo Avatar

    Plz Ansswer me fast im downloading Warrock So far

  55. Rambooooo Avatar


  56. Rambooooo Avatar

    i am unban thansk you for u guys !

  57. Administrator Avatar

    good to hear Rambooooo, let me know what you ended up doing to get unbanned .. cheers !

  58. Rambooooo Avatar

    What i did I Desactive the port 1394

  59. Administrator Avatar

    rambooooo, could you describe your process again, let all know how you made it 🙂 would be nice to get other sucessstories 😉 Cheers

  60. DONKWOK Avatar

    i don’t why i was ban by easg,please help me

  61. Bummer Avatar

    I got a Global BAN for some months ago, but I can play other Punkbuster games, except Battlefield 2.

    Does that mean I am not hardware banned like what you are describing how to bypass here in your article ?

  62. Administrator Avatar

    I’ve not experienced that punkbuster on other games ban you due to the one game you’ve been banned on. SO I guess a ban only works for that one game, ie BF 🙂

  63. Bummer Avatar

    I see 🙂 I just wish there was any way to see if a ban is just a ban of the serial key or a hardware ban also

  64. Administrator Avatar

    You should be able to see it on the message, what does it say ?

  65. Bummer Avatar

    It says that I have a Global BAN, but punkbuster works fine in all other games without any problem.

  66. derek2191 Avatar

    I got a Global BAN for some months ago, but I can play other Punkbuster games, except call of duty 2

    Does that mean I am not hardware banned like what you are describing how to bypass here in your article ?

    i was ban by easg,please help me

  67. mastahboten Avatar

    I got a Global BAN for a couple weeks ago. Does that mean I am not able to play my banned game everagain? Even playing it with a single player missions? Because evrytime i launch the game it gives me an error something like “cod2_mp.exe encountered an error and need to be close”. Need your help please! thanx

  68. mastahboten Avatar

    does it mean if you got banned your not able to play the game anymore?

  69. Administrator Avatar

    sorry to say so, a global hardware ban and guid ban means no more game. You’ll have to spoof your hardware and get a new gamepack 🙁

  70. mastahboten Avatar

    thanks Admin. If thats the case i have to uninstall this game.

  71. Administrator Avatar

    Yea, but uninstaling doesnt make you able to play 🙂 Sadly there is onley one way, hard cash and a HW spoofer.


  72. classified Avatar

    :'( if some1 cant help me ill be banned from Wolfenstein ET 4ever….

  73. yopo Avatar

    wat if ur not banned and the server dosnt have punkbuster enabled and ur permbanned. how can u get unbanned??? do u have to change ur guid still ?? and if u go is it a different way to do it ??

  74. yopo Avatar

    iv been banned from a server that dosnt have pb enabled. dose that mean i have to change my guid still using the same method of do it mean i can to something different ?

  75. Administrator Avatar

    You should be able to play a non PB server. Did you get a HARDWARE ban ?

  76. yopo Avatar

    hardware ban wats that lol ?

  77. zam786 Avatar

    i got banned on cod2 global ban but i can still play call of duty 1

  78. sam Avatar

    the pb people dont go crazy do they, they just ban u and thats it right

  79. mow12a Avatar


  80. mow12a Avatar


  81. Rabbi Avatar

    Sam – suck it, bitch…

    I’ve been playing BF2 for a few hundred hours on one server with no problems. Last weeks I bought a new laptop and installed BF2 on it and also bought a new mouse for the old computer. The last two times I tried to play PB kicked for having aimbot and tonight gave me the global guid ban. I don’t get it…

  82. gp Avatar

    what a stupid tutorial, just buy everything new and you can play again :$, this way I can write a tutorial about every computer problem

  83. l13 Avatar

    nice i guess im going to get my money back for that game nice one ea

  84. aca Avatar

    cod4 how to unbann it !??!!??!

  85. fuckinbillgates Avatar

    fucking punkbuster, fucking cod4, fucking windows, fucking bill gates (and the mother who gave birth to him) fucking uncle sam and fucking dollar

  86. Stupid solution Avatar
    Stupid solution

    -Backup players folder
    -Open the game
    -Take note of your key (you will need it if you mess up)
    -Change your Key (use some keygen)
    -Join a cracked server
    -Exit to the main menu
    -Make sure your key is still the same as you typed in
    -Exit the game
    -Open your game



    If all went well then you kept your rank and changed your key. If you did smething wrong

    then you will now see a message that says your stats have been reset!
    At that point u need to change back to your old key and replace your players folder that

    you backed up and start all over.

  87. harbl Avatar

    so if I use a MAC spoofer and buy a new hard drive and follow the steps here, i’ll remove my HW ban? i know my cd isn’t banned because i’ve used it on other computers with no trouble

  88. fno Avatar

    I think im banned from cod4:MF any1 have taking my pb ID or somethings but will it help if i buy a new game i think i will get a new PB ID ! Please Help 🙂

  89. punkbuster arent fair! Avatar
    punkbuster arent fair!

    PB are rly unfair if you ask me..

  90. mikeisme Avatar

    ok can anyone even explain why i was banned by punkbuster on bf2 ive never rlly done anything bad in the game and ive been kicked 2x for admin spots n junk and now im frikin global banned i payed 50 friken bucks to play this frikin game i dont want punkbust frikin it all up

  91. Stall Avatar

    I have been global hardware banned. nice. it only took them 7 months.

  92. Administrator Avatar

    Hey Stall

    Sounds great, what did you do, just wait ?


  93. crazy Avatar

    got banned for me cd key but tis orginal mmm use it for 6 years now and just 1 sever wont let me in baned starnge

  94. Oldy Avatar

    I still can’t play on ET servers…Mu PunkBuster is updated….This still saying I’m banned from Server ADMIN…6 Servers or something…

  95. Thomas Villahermosa Avatar
    Thomas Villahermosa

    Something is f***ing wrong with punkbuster i spent like 60 bucks for this god d**mn game, I wait like 5 mins to make an account 3 mins to find a good not full server another 3 mins for the f***ing server to finish loading and yet on my first few minutes of playing in a punkbuster server i get kicked out and get permanently banned for no reason whatsoever. And almost all of the good servers are run by punkbuster and they just ruin the fun!!!!!

    I didnt even teamkill 3 guys, and I get kicked. And yet someguy kept teamkilling us and the admin never even bothered to kick and ban him.

    Punkbuster is MORE than unfair!!! Those sons of bit**es
    dont deserve to run servers.

    A word of advice for the PB admins:

    Think BEFORE you BAN!!!! People try to enjoy and yet you ruin everything. A$$HOLES!!!!!

    Have a nice day!!! Sicko Punkbuster

  96. Gizmosis Ghost Avatar
    Gizmosis Ghost

    92… just got the same problem. I’ve been playing for 3 years and suddenly i get a ban for a “MD5TOOL” I did notice however that i was getting big game problems prior to BSOD .. lockup and the game just vanished sometimes..
    Now according to the message at the top..”This usually means that: * Punkbuster has scanned your harddrive for a “hardwareserialnumber” and has saved it * Punkbuster has scanned your “MACadress” and saved it (taken from your identifiable networkcard) * Punkbuster has saved your CD-key or DVD-key”
    So Punkbuster has accessed my machine to obtain information.??? If they have they should read .
    Section 17 is intresting…
    17 Interpretation

    (1) The following provisions of this section apply for the interpretation of this Act.

    (2) A person secures access to any program or data held in a computer if by causing a computer to perform any function he—

    (a) alters or erases the program or data;

    (b) copies or moves it to any storage medium other than that in which it is held or to a different location in the storage medium in which it is held;

    (c) uses it; or

    (d) has it output from the computer in which it is held (whether by having it displayed or in any other manner);

    and references to access to a program or data (and to an intent to secure such access) shall be read accordingly.
    So if they have take that information from MY computer and are using it against me errr. who are the hackers ??
    Who Has Broken The Law.??
    (a) They are altering my program to prevent me playing..
    (b) The CD/DVD key is my private property, i purchased that not Punkbuster.
    (c) They are storing my I.P/MAC Address’s
    Need we say more….

  97. IamPissedOff Avatar

    ok….this annoying..i installed cod4 to my dads laptop but i used a serial from
    then i join a LAN game (yes, a LAN game) that my other pc was hosting then when i start to play vs my dad he got an error saying somehting about [perm ban issued, GUID 1q2w3e4r5t6y7u or whatever]

    and i cant do any of the stuff u said so basically, is it
    a) PBs fault and they are c0ck bags
    b)my fault for using a free serial – in which case ill change it —also will it be unbanned after i change to a ‘real’ one?
    c)possibly a firewall but mcaffee has never had any probs before..

    how i get unbanned?? pls help

  98. Jupilleke Avatar

    How to get over this:
    Without me knowing, my son bought (with my credit card number, the punk) and installed a cheat program on my PC, running my COD4, playing with my userid (jupilleke)…. Result: BANNED, what is quite fair, me too, I hate cheaters in game.
    Now the fun part, I contacted evenbalance, explained them what has happened, even did a full reinstall of my system, so totally clean.
    Their answer is very agressive telling me you’re a f***ng cheater and a lot of teenage garbage mouth-sh*t an dthey don’t want to do anything…. Hey, I have been honest…
    I played long and honest to get to the highest level without any cheat.
    I can buy a new copy of COD4 without any problem (although I hate this idea) but some kiddies can decide that someone can or cannot play online without listening to real serious arguments.

    That’s what I call low.

    Does someone know an email address from a boss at evenbalance?

  99. rick Avatar

    HI can someone help i think my brother did use a hack on cod2. I am not banned from all servers but im banned from the ones i like.I have emailed server admin and just got reply that my appeal was denied,I am guid banned and i get a message saying banned by server admin , ive tried various things to no avail can someone please help as i realy liked that server

  100. 12345 Avatar

    ok…i got banned from enemy territory from 2.56 patch in te666 server. its etpro server.
    msg says your ip or your subnet was banned by pb…

    help me resolve this plz

  101. mackenzie Avatar

    dose any one know where to get a cd key gen for sof2 mine was hacked and stolen while i was playing i got kicked off the server

  102. spinat Avatar

    comment 59 worked for me! disable port 1394 in the hardwaremanager .. thx ramboooo! :p

  103. Accidentally Banned Avatar
    Accidentally Banned

    I used info here and it is good. Picked up a ban when I accidentally had a hack running in background after playing local LAN games with my brother. Was unintentional but EA/Level Field or whatever they are called doesn’t give a toss. No second chances, no appeal just never play a punkbuster enabled game again on the same machine!

    THIS PROCESS WORKS! Thanks to this website I can play again!

    Process for me on Vista 64 was:
    1. Spoof MAC’s using MadMacs MAC spoofer (Freeware)
    2. Reboot (now have new MAC addresses on both NIC’s)
    2. Convert disk array from RAID1 in BIOS to RAID0
    3. Unistall BF2142 and reinstall with new ProductID (I had two copies of game)
    4. Force Router to change internet IP as precaution

    A note here might be that tells you when you were banned and for what (which violation).

    I’m not a hacker and I don’t cheat online. Me and my brother were mucking about on our local LAN.

    Punkbuster is so draconian, no warning or even a 7 day ban, to make sure you don’t do it again. Why not warn you so that if it is a geniune mistake you can rectify it. Lets face it you don’t even get a lifetime ban from society for murder!

    Anyways they P1ss3d me off so much I have made a $15 donation to hackers site that specialised in attacking punkbuster!

  104. Accidentally Banned Avatar
    Accidentally Banned

    Should have been above

  105. Accidentally Banned Avatar
    Accidentally Banned

    God I can be stupid, link for searching global bans is actually

  106. anatoliy Avatar

    ok i got banned for nothing i just havemt played in like a year so i went n to play today and got banned i never used cheats or anythign my message 724e6b6b6

  107. jakobs Avatar

    pbbans for my ip has been used to cheat reasently and u are banned for 260600 seconds :S:S and then [admindecision] !!!!????



    once again pb fails in every way… still full with cheats and the ppl hating it the most gets banned while not even being on

    way to go pb


    where in this frign world do i get the chance to get unbanned since pb is to ignorant to reply to any of the mails :S:S:S

  108. NoOnw Avatar

    Alot of ppl are confusing PB bans w/ server bans. If a server admin bans you that has nothing to do w/ PB. A server admin is a representative of the PPL who PAY to keep that server running. An admin DOE NOT NEED A REASON to ban you. They are paying to run the server and have every rt to kick you b/c they don’t like your name, your face or whatever else. Its their property, stop complaining and play on another server. Now as far as pb goes, yeah, evenbalance is a bunch of dicks that have no appeal process. If you cd key gets stolen they ban you and you’re toast. Sux.

  109. joran Avatar

    if you are banned on ET (any server) they can ban a few things… IP—>bad becouse you can change your ip when u reboot your modem
    ETKEY—>bad becouse u have new when u reïnstal ET
    name??^^—> you can gues bad… just change your name

    the last thing they can bann is your mac adress.. thats an unique adress that normally cant be changed so they think you never will play again on that server becouse your banned… but there’s an easy way to change your mac adress… if you want to know how post a reply and i will explain you ^^

  110. razor Avatar

    tell me hoe to get unbanned from “global ban GUID ***”??
    nd how to change the mac address

  111. Micael Avatar

    how to change the MACadress?

  112. joran Avatar

    well… its not really chaning its spoofing …
    if u got windows… oké…
    u have to delete ET from your PC
    then go to “star”–>”run” and type cmd
    than type in the screen u got : ipconfig /all
    and then something like fysic adress… (write this down on a paper or something else…)

    then go to “network connections” there u see ur internet thing
    right click on that en select : properties
    now get a screen: at the top u see where ur internet connection is going to at the right of that klick configurate
    that at the top click the 2dn button and than search for : locally administrated address
    than at the right click the circle before the text area where stands value above
    and typ ur new mac adress in… (6 characters without the “-” between it… example: 00D9E6PMQ410

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  114. anti-punkbuster Avatar

    i was playing on the server and then someone pbssed me i didnt use any hacks but they banned me they seen wh on pbss 😛

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    Did you have any ban in Cod2???
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