I admit it, my wife is in charge of our household. I ‘ve been in the business of internet for more than a decade, but lately my wife’s been doing pretty well, navigating and using the net in an extremely productive way. And that does matter on our daily life.

I stared my career in technology, “surfing” and looking at “New sites added” to the major directories. At that time, mostly from my own country, limited to a few directories, or actually only one.

I then went to producing the websites, selling them, managing them, and now doing consultancy work in relation to online presence.

My wife, Helle, is mainly doing our shopping, now as before. I remember we subscribed to an online retailer delivering groceries to our home 10 years ago. Now, we’re, as so many others, nothing new really, shopping tons of stuff on the net.

From booking trips, books, music, to clothes, groceries, stocks, furniture, shoes, movies etc etc.

Somehow Helle succeeds in finding the coolest websites of her interest, and it’s mainly from word of mouth, offline that is.

According to a recent survey, women’s net patterns are changing, bringing online and offline a little closer, and in the end, as in my own case, changing our daily routines.

Not to the worst, but to the better, giving us much more time and flexibility to our kids.

You should have a look at this article, where, among other things, it shows that retail stores are getting more and more ordinary in women’s online patterns.

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