Tsunami Tears in Heaven

Tsunami Tears in Heaven VideoTsunami Tears in Heaven

So much happens in the world, take a moment and remember the tsunami, help is still needed:

The world was shaken by the terrible tsunami in east asia. Many countries we’re hit by the tsunami flodwaves, the disaters that followed, and all the families affected by the underground earthquake that formed the tsunami.

Eric Clapton – Tears in heaven

Eric Clapton and others, made a video to support the rebuilding of the affectede areas. Clapton sings the Tears in heaven, focussing on the tsunami.

The famous photographer, Niels Alpert shot the video and presented it online, hopefully yo be shown on tv many many times.

Clapton, who suffered a tragedy himself, when he lost his son, presents the song with deeply felt respect in the Tsunami Tears in Heaven video. Click below and see the video now.

renew, remember, rebuild – www.savethechildren.org

Eric Claton

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