SETI – Please give a helping hand

For years SETI@home has used free computing power from users connected to the internet all over the world. When ever their PC was doing nothing, being idle, a software would use the coputer to do mathematic calculations for the SETI- project, looking for life in space.

SETI is closing this down, but many other projects wan’t to take over, and use your computer, when idle, to do calculations for them.

Reseach needs tons of power to simulate i.e. virus. Emagine, letting your computer help in the search for a cure for cancer. I’ve had this on several of my PC’s, but currently can not on my work PC.

I do, however, suggest that YOU join a good cause. Personally I’d support the “Rosetta@home”-project – helping researchers develop cures for human diseases.

So, have a look at the different projects that could use a helping hand from you, and… join in.

Visit Boinc” at the University of Berkeley to see how you can help







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