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Podcasting is growing. One day your content may even be automatically converted to Pods, converted from text to mp3 in your own voice. Lisa Welchman runs CMSAdvisor, and publishes in Pods. A nice feature when you have time to spare, traveltime or the like, and your Ipod or MP3 is in your hand.

I’ve enjoyed several of Lisas interviews, many with very prominent persons in the field of CMS – Content management, among others Bob Boiko.

I think you should try out Lisa 🙂 (Welchman Consulting)…. Her Pods are well made, quality sound, great subjects and interviews.

Unfortunately, Lisa Welchmans RSS feeds show no news, eventhough they’re there. So Lisa, make your feeds work.

Give her a visit at CMSadvisor.com.

BY THE WAY, just received a call from CMforum.dk, Lisa is in Copenhagen just now, a day-seminar on “The 4 dimensions of web contentmanagement”. Have a look Lisa Welchman in Copenhagen (invitation-pdf).
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  1. Lisa Welchman Avatar

    Yes, I will be in Copenhagen and am looking forward to it. Regarding your comment about news, I think you are correct. In late February or early March I’ll be starting a new podcast on CMSAdvisor which is more timely and news-oriented. There will be a panel of folks from around the world commenting on various trends in content management. Panelists will include your very own Janus Boye.

    Thanks for Listening!


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