Blogging – for corporate newbies

You may have heard of weblogs or just plain and simple: ‘Blogs’. But what is a blog and how does it work? In other words – what is this new online buzzword really all about?

Today only surprisingly few corporate executives use blogs as a way to communicate with their customers. But it’s a fact that blogs are here to stay in regards to online communication, and it’s a fact that more and more corporate executives discover the possibilities within this new way of communicating with the customers.

But what is a blog? In short a blog is a web-based commentary site often written in a first-person and conversational manner. This is done to connect with the customers online and to successfully reach corporate communications and marketing goals. Whenever a message is posted on the site, the customers can respond and get an answer back from the company on the topic in question. It’s simply a way of communicating directly – and very fast – with the customers. And it’s a brilliant way to learn a lot about the demands and expectations of your customers: How do they perceive you? What do they think about your products? What do they need from you?

With blogs you can enhance your brand visibility and credibility. You personalize your company by giving it a human, direct voice – a voice that the customers can “talk to” 24-7. You also achieve customer intimacy by speaking directly to them, and have them come right back with suggestions or complaints.

The written material made available on a blog is called a post. It can be linked easily to other information on the Internet, for example other blogs, a company website, photos, videos or audio files. The information on a blog is indexed by search engines such as Google or Yahoo, and is therefore in many cases a far more effective way of communicating compared to the traditional forms of corporate communications.






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