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  • Google Engage – online markedsføring på dansk – Gratis

    Google Engage – online markedsføring på dansk – Gratis

    Google tilbyder online markedsføring med AdWords, tracking med Analytics, bannerprogrammer med AdSense osv osv. Google vil rigtigt gerne binde brugerne og virksomhederne tæt sammen med deres produkter. Indtjeningsgrundlaget for Google er helt klar reklamer, og deres program “Google Engage” hjælper konsulenter, bureauer osv, med at forstå og udnytte deres produkter.   Der er mulighed for […]

  • Matt Cutts Videos on Video.Google – explaining basic SEO stuff

    If your not familiar with Matt Cutts, you should be. Matt is the most visible Google employee on Googles searchtechnology and especially SEO. He’s posted a few videos on Video.Google, and I’ve taken the liberty of referering the from this post! So, view them all, they’re great basic beginners stuff on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) […]

  • Stealing BMW website – stat company rips off BMW

    What’s this, has someone been quick to rip off BMWs website and misery ? BMW Statistics – or ??Search google for site: BMW.de. The first result is apparently a link to a statistics service in the BWM domain. I hardly believe that BWM has a company doing statistics.If the site is offline, have a look at the search result from google, and the website apparently on BMW’s domaine hereBMW search result from google: BMW Google Result […]

  • BMW is back

    All those wondering how long it would take, BMW is back. Hey, tell BMW to read this – lol“Google Information for Webmasters”

  • Linkbaits – Link bait – SEO

    Quoting an entire article, too tired to review it, you should read it, if Linkbaiting is intersting for you. Interesting subject, moving up in the world. Others on “Linkbait” will come from me sometime soon. Happy reading. I first heard of the term “link bait” from Aaron Wall at SEO Book in this post when […]

  • SEO Good pratices – does and don’ts

    Michael Murray does some good articles on SEO, here is his latest. Be sure to check his other articles here. How Lousy SEO Smothers Good Practices How Lousy SEO Smothers Good Practices From keyword spamming and bloated page density issues, over-the-top search engine optimization practices can ruin good META and content techniques. Online marketers may […]

  • Linking is important

    If you want traffic you need links. You can have people link by asking, or you can write stuff people want to link to. There are many ways to link, some work better than others if you want to be found by the searchengines. There are manu tools to check linking, I just found anotherone, […]

  • Black Hat SEO defined

    Black hat seo is: Unethical SEO. Search Engine Optimization techniques and methods are employes which fall outside of the guidlines issued by the Major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Implementation of this tyoe of Search Engine Optimization may provide short term gains for your site(s). If you are discovered as using these […]