PunkBuster help – Online Countermeasures help

Banned by PunkBuster ? Would you like to get unbanned, then here are some helping hints, on how to unban from a PunkBuster (PB) Ban or Hardware ban. Even Balance or PB uses your account ID or even a hardware ID from YOUR computer. BTW: I found this Battlefield 2 T-shirt for you: Your computer […]

PunkBuster ban – means all PB-games forever !

Global ban – punkbuster and Battlefield 2 WOW, they meant it. My personal computer will never be able to play any PB-supported games in the future. Great work Even Balance. Future Gamedevelopers beware. For some reason I got a hardware ban on Battlefield 2 (BF2). I’m supposedly guilty off preventing the PunkBuster (PB) software from […]