Brug af video på din blog

Bruger du et blogsoftware som wordpress, er der smarte måder at lægge video på din blog. Dette indlæg har en video tilknyttet. Denne video er lagt på med wordpress app til iPhone. Super let og så er der ingen opgave med at lægge filer over på computer først. Prøv det. Opdatering: Så blev man så […]

Podcasting CMS advise – pod content management CMS

Podcasting is growing. One day your content may even be automatically converted to Pods, converted from text to mp3 in your own voice. Lisa Welchman runs CMSAdvisor, and publishes in Pods. A nice feature when you have time to spare, traveltime or the like, and your Ipod or MP3 is in your hand. I’ve enjoyed […]

Cashing In With Content – a new book by David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott, Cashing In With Content This new book sounds really interesting, If I had more time, I’d read it. I suggest you do and give me a review. After that I’d like to borrow the book from you 🙂 If you have it to give away, you are more than welcome to send […]

SEO Good pratices – does and don’ts

Michael Murray does some good articles on SEO, here is his latest. Be sure to check his other articles here. How Lousy SEO Smothers Good Practices How Lousy SEO Smothers Good Practices From keyword spamming and bloated page density issues, over-the-top search engine optimization practices can ruin good META and content techniques. Online marketers may […]

Blogging – for corporate newbies

You may have heard of weblogs or just plain and simple: ‘Blogs’. But what is a blog and how does it work? In other words – what is this new online buzzword really all about? Today only surprisingly few corporate executives use blogs as a way to communicate with their customers. But it’s a fact […]

The world’s no.1 event for online content and information

Online Information is the only event that gives you the knowledge to harness information resources for competitive advantage, and information management solutions for improved business performance. Absolutely one of the places to be if you into information management, content management, searchengines and the like. Would love to be there, but probably won’t. Anyone, feel free […]