– Review of a social monitoring platform

Just had a demo and a thoughough talk with Jan Mortensen from and partner of He did an inspiring talk on monitoring and the importance of Social Media. As a consultant I discuss this with my customers very often, I advice them, but seldom get to monitoring. This is surely due to the […] – free phonecalls on your iPhone/iPod

Had a talk the other day with some collegues, was mentioned, and I went to have a look. just converted my sons iPod to an iPhone, in a few clicks. is an App that makes wifi calls to others who installed Viber. All you need is a phonenumber, and you can make […]

Dont steal a hackers pc, this is funny

This hacker had his Mac stolen, he speaks on DEF CON 18, about how he pwned the thief. Its real fun. You can jump 3 mins into the video if you want, thats where the fun begins.

Fascination and addiction, what is it that the internet does to us

A long time ago, I got interested in technology. It began with a Commodore I got for birthday, I started writing machine code, what a waste of time. I managed to get a little guy to jump across the screen. A decade or two later, I tried Bulletin Board Systems, I did gopher, text seach […]

Breatheology – fascinating

Breatheology, fantastic word. Not only about breathing, but also about self consciousness, meditation and performance. From a guy who does what I like in an inspiring way, he dives.


Not many posts here, been too long, soz.

Google Reader Shortcuts – very nice and usefull

Google Reader Keyboard shortcuts

I use Google Reader to keep updated on all my subjects, work as private. And with the Shorcuts, that I honestly have to get use to, often mixing with the browser shortcuts, Google Reader is just great.

I will show you the shortcuts […]

Sharepoint ruins Zip-files

Appraently Sharepoint 2003 ruins zip-files. A pain that gave my sp2003 installation an extra challenge. As if Sharepoint hasn’t given us enough of those: “A common question that I see in the Microsoft Public newsgroup on Sharepoint Portal Server is when companies decide to put zip files in Document libraries and then once downloaded become […]